Goring 10K

MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

Nice village race, this one. Although it does have a history of being held in absolutely atrocious weather. File under the category of "character-building".

And did I mention the hills? image

I'm in!


  • Boing!

    Not long to go now ... and whatever the weather does it won't be worse than at Wokingham yesterday.

    Only me then?

  • I'm in! Last years weather was horrendous, and the first 300m uphill with a river coming down it definitely made it interesting. And also the water hazard after about 6km. Was my first ever 10k race last year. Number and chip came through the post this morning and only 10 days to go. Can't wait to be honest. 

  • So I'm not running it by myself then!

    Got my number today too ... am well up for it.

  • And for anyone who wants to know if the course is as hilly as has been reported, here is a video someone has done of the course. 


  • That is one mother of a scary, hair-raising, hilly, frightening, chilling, heart-stopping, breath-baiting, nauseating hilly video.


    I am about to go in.

  • and in.

  • I just hope there isn't a strong crosswind like last year! At the top of those hills it gets a bit chilly...

  • I would describe the course as "playfully lumpy".

  • I'm in, needed a deadline to scare myself into putting my kit back on and it's worked. Jogged the distance veeerrryy slowly along the Thames Path yesterday (boggy but flat) just to proved to myself that I could make it. May still ache on Sunday! Should I go for road or trail shoes do you reckon?

  • I'm in as of yesterday.  Hoping for a good run out before Reading in 2 weeks. Did it a few years ago and remember the hills - could do without one so close to the start.

  • I think either is fine Kathryn as its sort of a 50/50 mix between the surfaces, however I ran in road shoes last year and planning on the same again on Sunday. The only issues I found was the field at 2.75k which was VERY boggy due to the downpour but hopefully it will be better this year. 

    As for that hil SteadyE, the plus side is that you have to come down it near the end!

  • I have just recieved the pack so I am in.

    This is going to hurt because I am Marathon training for London and so I am doing my long run on Saturday (18 miles) then Goring on Sunday. I need good weather, cold is ok but hopefully not wet! 

  • Current predictions is for dry but about 2 degrees including windchill. Better than last year. 

  • Dry suits me. I'll put a thermos in the car for afterwards, I stupidly downed a freezing can of lemonade last week and couldn't get warmed up for hours despite hot chocolate, a tin of vegetable curry, a hot shower, and finally going back to bed!

  • 2 degrees, that's fine for me. Its only waiting at the start is when the cold bites but as soon as we get moving it will feel OK.

  • Atom, if you are knocking out 18 miles the day before you'll probably still be warm. That sounds like a tough schedule. I was thinking of taking the rest of this week easy

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    That was fun. That final climb at 8km plus the bit before going into the wind knocked me back a bit but I was pleased with my time. A nice little race.

  • I enjoyed it; took me until 5K for my feet to defrost and I did plump for trail shoes in the end which I thought was a massive mistake and was expecting to suffer for, but actually they did fine for their second run out of the box and most of it hard ground. I didn't stop, I didn't come last and I was 7 minutes inside my PW (15 minutes off a PB though!) despite having barely run since July. I thought the support and marshalls were outstanding, really cheered me on, and I was nearly last if I'm honest so they'd been out in the cold a fair while!

  • A really enjoyable 10k, a reasonably new runner it was tough but very enjoyable and beautiful scenery. Defo up for it next year. Did it in exactly same time as the Woodcote and Goring one in Jan.

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