Coming back to training after tonsillitis/illness

Hi everyone, I was just hoping for a bit of advice if poss... I have a champs place in vim. It is my first marathon...I was training hard and having a good cross country season with mileage of 50 ish ready to focus on vim from january. However I came down with tonsillitis and parainfluenza on December 30th, lost a stone and was very ill. I am feeling lots better and hoping to try running for just 20mins on sat....what on earth should I do in terms of getting back on track for London? Realistically am I screwed?! Please help!!!!!!!! Thanks in advance


  • Nowhere near it. I don't know about your level, but I've had a difficult Autumn for one reason or another but I can feel myself very quickly getting back to where I ought to be now I am able to apply a little structure to my training.

    I don't think you lose a great deal of fitness with a few weeks off, just the sharpness.  I expect you'll struggle for a few runs and then find yourself raring to go.


  • your full of it you puffy
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