Still on the wagon?

Apparently 9th January is the day when most people break their New Year's Resolutions. Did you make any and are you sticking to them?

My resolution was to cut down on caffeine, going pretty well so far - decaf tea is much nicer than I thought it would be!


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    On a Wednesday?!  Wouldn't people be more likely to give in to various temptations at the weekend?

    I rebelled against new year's resolutions this year and went the opposite way. Two of my first three meals of the year were take-aways, including a large doner.  image  (The other was a Chinese cause there was feck all else open and there was nothing in the fridge apart from Christmas cheers and beer.)

  • I'd think so too but maybe it's because its a week since most people would have started. I'm not counting New Year's Day - because who actually sticks to a diet then? I'm normally busy trying to get rid of my hangover by steadily eating my way through the contents of the kitchen image 

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    Good point.  The kebab doesn't count cos I had that at 2am in the evening the day before.  image

  • The highest chance of me falling off the wagon is tonight. A village get together followed by a night in the pub - I can't see me buying any of their over priced soft drinks any more.

  • I'm firm in my resolve not to make new year's resolutions...working so far

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    IKFY wrote (see)

    The highest chance of me falling off the wagon is tonight. A village get together followed by a night in the pub - I can't see me buying any of their over priced soft drinks any more.

    I remember in my youthful days, feeling like I needed to prove to myself that I wasn't alcohol dependent, giving it up for Lent (it's about the only Catholic thing I still did when I was 19).  After a couple of weeks I was absolutely sick of orange juice, blackcurrant and lemonade, and coke.  I'm sure they're not the only soft drinks but I couldn't wait for another taste of the ale!

  • Im with Straycelt on this one.

    i dont make any resolutions as i like to live my life eating/drinking what i feel like at the time (i choose to eat healthy)

    if you know your not going to stick to something why do it?

  • Not exactly a New Year's Resolution, but I gave up alcohol while I was training for the marathon last year (4+ months! image ) . It was hard for the first 6 weeks, especially as people would always be asking why I wasn't drinking and then trying to persuade me to just have one. It got a lot easier after that, and now I really can take it or leave it.

    I think I've got a bit snobbier about what I'll drink since then, because I don't buy booze very often I feel justified in buying much nicer stuff when I do fancy it. I don't know how I managed to drink the Vodka With No Name from Tesco when I was a student image

  • I've not made any resolutions.  I never do because I don't see why I should change how I am just because it is a new year.  I make changes to my life all year round.

    However, my new training plan started on 31 Dec, purely as it is 30 weeks before my event, and I've managed to stick to that so far.

  • My resolutions were to be dry for January and to run every other day. So fatso good.
  • Who decided to make Burns night in January ?? Could you not have picked a day in July the old food image

  • I decided to go dry for January, partly because it's fairly common to do that now, so I figured there would be fewer people giving me incredulous looks when I told them I was on the wagon for Jan. The reason I want to do it is to get into a good stride with training for my April Marathon, and having a hangover is just one more excuse not to go out for my runs, along with the shitty weather, so if I can get into a decent, consistent rhythm during Jan, I might make a tepid return to drinking in February. Or I might just decide to stay dry until the end of April, i'll see how i feel. But having the excuse of a january resolution at least keeps the social pressure from friends off for a while.

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