Ankle injury

I am five weeks into marathon training, did 12 miles on Sunday, my ankle felt a bit uncomfortable when I started running last night, below my ankle bone on the inside of my leg a bit like it needed to click or crack (if anyone knows what I mean by that!) not painful so carried on doing some hills. Still felt odd at the end but not worse. This morning it hurts above and at the front of the ankle bone as well when I walk for more than a few minutes, don't feel anthing if I take my weight off it, it's not swollen and not tender to touch. Does anyone have any ideas what this could be? I have not increased my mileage suddenly, I wear minimalist trainers but have been for the last 6 months and built up to changing my running style slowly with no problems. If I wasn't training for a marathon I would just rest it but I'm pretty keen not to miss too much training so really need to find out what it is and hopefully fix it.



  • Could be that you've pulled one of the many tendons around the ankle area.  Just because you can't see swelling doesn't mean that it isn't there, so try ice and rest for a couple of days and then take it easy when you start back again, i.e. run on even surfaces, not too far and avoid hills for a few more days

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