Ironbridge Half Marathon

Hello folks

Does anyone know the route for this year? I have a map of last year's route and was wondering if it will be the same or not this year...


  • The route for this is in the March edition of Runners World magazine! 

    Is this half marathon very hilly?


    Emily x

  • Hey Emily

    Thanks. I'll go and get a copy.

    I cycled round the route recently and I wouldn't exactly describe it as hilly. The first 6 miles south to Coalport are either level or slightly downhill. Coalport to Ironbridge is level for a few miles and I suppose the remainder of the route back is occasionally up slight inclines or level. 

    Are you entering?




  • Hello, I'm not sure whether to enter, I did the Birmingham half in October but then practically took December off running. Not sure whether I'll have time to train or get the time off work as I work Sundays.

    Have you entered?

  • I have run the race in both directions and incorporate it into my weekly LSR. The route for 2013 seems to be the same as last year. The first half is easy, flat for the first couple of miles and gradually descends to the Severn Gorge; the last mile or so is a nice down gradient where you can motor along quite quickly. The middle miles along the gorge are mostly flat, and apart from the slight climb to the wonderful peak of the Iron bridge itself, continues flat along the wharfage for another mile before you start the climb out. This begins at mile 8 with what the race organiser last year quite accurately described as a "bastard of a hill". You keep gradually climbing all the way back to the finish, although the gradient eases off towards the end. It's hilly, for sure, and usually muddy, but it's a beautiful run!

  • Here's the route profile from last year.  Don't be scared! It's not as bad as it looks!

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