The Yorkshire Marathon

I heard yesterday there is to be a marathon in York on Oct 20th. It is my home town and I would love to enter! But I am currently training for the Marathon of the North on April 28th. I said I would do one marathon a year (I am on my 2nd after Manchester last year) and I wondered if anyone could share there experience of doing a spring and Autumn marathon. I am concerned about training through the hot (?) summer months and how to keep up the running and training between the 2. After Manchester I kept up my running and did the Tatton half in Nov. My family think I am mad but the draw of York is so tempting! Any advice from RW members would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! image


  • I completed 2 last year, the Hull marathon on Easter Sunday and then the Liverpool in October. I didnt feel any adverse effects.

    I would say one you've done the 1st marathon you perhaps dont quite need to put in the same hours each week once you've reached that level of fitness, however I would say you must keep up the long runs at the weekend to keep your body conditioned for long distances.

  • Thank you Sean, for your helpful advice image

  • I did my first 2 marathons last year, first in May (Cape Wrath) followed by Loch Ness at end of September. I've been running 2 years now and aged 55. Don't have the same problem of hot summer months here (Orkney) but I managed a 40 minute "improvement" between the two given that Cape Wrath is a tougher course. I did do 5 halves over 2012 too. Loch Ness was certainly a lot easier.
    I think this is supportive of what Sean has said.

  • Shouldn't be any issue's with doing both. your training plan always assumes your starting point isn't marathon fit so will build you up. If your already at that level after April you just need to keep up the training after take some time to recover from the first marathon.

    Depending on your own level's I would think about doing a at least 1 long run each week with a shorter run and also a session on speedwork from the top of my head. over the summer and then depending on how you evaluate your own running in the month or two running up to York increase your miles. If you see any half marathons or 10k's you like the look off inbetween the two races might be worth doing for training, If your up north worth taking a look at some of the fell and off raod races as well.

    If you go to the shades thread on RW your probably going to get some better and expert advice through. 

    If it's of any help putting it in perspective there are a few runner's who will do a marathon every month or so and some who will do one every week but they are quite hardcore.

  • Lily - great to hear from you again - I did 2 for the first time last year - Manchester and Luton (November) and was OK with that. Have to say I am also tempted by Yorkshire one as well as Manchester
  • Thanks Other Half- are you doing any marathons this year?

    Cake-thanks for helpful advice. Where do I find the Shades thread?

    BP- good to hear from you. I appreciated your support and advice on the GMM thread last yearimage I decided on a change from GMM this year as I could not really face returning! It did not put me off marathons but was a tough day! On the point of signing up for York. So thrilled we are going to have a marathon and don't want to miss out on this historic occasion!

  • Shades thread here Link Oh and GMM last year was by no means normal weather and stuff it was rubbish.image Hopefully will be better weather in the future.

  • thanks for the info Cake.

    ...................just put in my entry for York. I have heard the places are filling up fast, over 3500 and the limit is 5000. So that prompted me to act quickly!image

  • Well done Lily may have to make a decision tonight


  • I'd been mulling over entering this but Lily's post and media reports of the excellent take up has prompted a decision - I'm in!! image

  • Me too just entered today!!

  • Just read on Facebook the York marathon is now full. Glad BP and Andrew that you have places. It will be brilliant!
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