garmin 310 xt

Totally disgusted with garmin and the forerunner 310 xt. constant glitches,now unable to upload any runs to laptop,rubbish!!! should have stuck with nike+ app on i phone,miles better and free..............Grrr...


  • you may have a bad unit, there are 1000's of these out there that work perfectly, have you contacted garmin? all mine have been nothing but flawless, 

  • I am very happy with mine   image

    I suspect you may have a couple of issues that Garmin could hep with ??

  • Garmin have always been excellent with any issues i have had with my kit...give them a call.

  • User error? :0)
  • I have the 310 and 410 and both are working fine. Maybe it's just a problem with your watch? Think contacting garmin is the best idea.
  • yep 310 was good for me. there was a batch that had gps issues and lost the time (which caused problems with exercises being given wrong date).


    also other bugs are fixed by getting latest firmware


    garmin are pretty good at replacing faulty watches

  • After speaking with Garmin(who were very good) and trying various things found watch to be faulty have had new unit seems fine so far fingers crossed......

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