Returning to running

I ran the Sydney marathon in 2011 and was 12st, having returned to the UK I started to eat all the foods I had missed in oz decent chocolate etc jumped on the scales on jan 1st and scared myself 15st, so I started running again last Friday attempting my block run of 2.2 miles, 3/4 way around was sick, but completed block on Sunday and Tuesday easier on Tuesday than Sunday I want to push myself but not sure how much I should push myself extending the distance every so many days. I am running every other day but wondering if I could do more as my legs haven't been as achey as I feared


All advice welcome, cheers in advance



  • Hi,


    I'm in a similar position - I ran Berlin in 2008.  Since then I've become very unfit and put on wieght... in fact hitting 15st was the thing that really pressed me in to action.

    In my wisdom I've signed up to run the V London Marathon in April... no pressure then!  I started off running 3 miles a couple of times a week.  Before Christmas I pushed it to 4 miles 3 times a week but then over indulged and started the year back at square one. 

    I started my training plan at the start of 2013 - it was really hard work at the start - but week one I did 18 miles, including a 6 mile long run.  Week 2 is going well - originally I was scheduled to run 22 miles but I'm going to increase it to 25 including 7 miles long run tomorrow.  This week the running has been fun, I don't feel out of breath and my legs are coping well and moving me along a little quicker by the day... so by my reckoning build up the mileage slowly and by week 2 it should start getting easier.


    Good luck,



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