Anyone doing or have experience of Connemarathon on April 7th. My first marathon, any advice?


  • There's a half, full and ultra (39.3) and they're hilly.  I haven't done it but there's an Irish website called boards which has plenty of people posting on it who have.  Here's a link to the thread for this years event.


  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    This year will be my 10th Connemarathon (1 marathon and 8 ultras so far) so ask away!  Brilliant atmosphere and well-organised.  Top event.

    One of my favourite events.  I always enjoy my 3- or 4-day break in Galway.

    In terms of general advice:

    • the marathon start is in a remote spot to which you are taken early by the coach provided. OK if it's a fine day - the scenery at that point is stunning.  Take some old clothes to wear before the start that you can throw away by the side of the road.
    • very scenic course but it's hilly. Two big hills at your miles 14-15 and 23-24 (and my 27-28 and 36-37 image). On your long runs devise a route where you are taking in the biggest hills in the second half.
    • very important - do not stray too far off the road for a comfort break.  That isn't grass, it's a peat bog that you are likely to sink into without trace!!
    That'll do for now ...
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