Thursday 10th January 2013

Morning, just!

Up late writing letters: will re-read them in the morning to see if they make sense. Lyrics are: "Don't you know you're driving your Mamas and Papas insane".
Topical, I hope, and taken from the chorus. The title is obviously about you lot!

What: walk/run, probably something like 4 or 5 x 0.5k slow run during a 4 or 5k walk.

And please can you nag me to do more stretches?

Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success


  • Yesterdays lyrics - Drive By from Train

    Davey - one week is no problem - come back nice and easy though, you don't want to make it 2 weeks.

    LMH - no problem at all - I'd be happy for people to call me skinny minny much more regularly than they do!

    Chickadee - I need to run sub 3.15 marathon or sub 1.30 half. Wellington marathon is flat but every year seems to have appalling weather so I'll be giving it a miss.  Doing the Wellington Half which is just a few weeks away, but I have a few more halfs in mind.

    Emzap - under 55kg! One day I will manage that...  Two Oceans sounds good.  I love travelling and racing.

    Nice run to work there postie!

    Alehouse - do more stretching! (OK not right now - when you get up is fine)

    what: 70mins easy (easyish as the wind is 50kph out there)
    why: easy day 


  • Morning from a now very foggy West of Scotland !

    What:4M Steady

    Why: Getting back into it

    Lyrics: Nope.

    Catch up as usual over coffee.

    Back later

  • Morning.

    Guess they don't call it the windy city for nothing M.

    Alehouse - stretch! image

    Feeling back to normal now birkmyre?

    Off tomorrow Wabo?

    What:             swim set
    Why:              need to do more really
    Last hard:      last year
    Last rest:       7/1

    Lyrics - no.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Morning

    Lyrics: Alehouse - yes, very topical indeed!

    Thanks Little M.iss Happy for advice - makes me feel better.

    What: 5 mile run

    Why: after week off need to catch up.

    Last rest: all of last week!! Eek!

    Have good everyone - I'm off to London for the day to meet up with friends.

    Will we have snow this weekend??

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    Morning all,
    Ale - IMHO I think you should try to do more stretches...
    Davey - snow? not due any darn sarf, but due to get colder next week. Enjoy London!
    LmH - windy city? Is M in Chiacgo now???!!!
    Wabo - enjoy the trip!
    Postie - ahh the days of the OU assignments...fortunately my days of that have passed, seems ages ago now. What course(s) you doing?

    what - easy club run tonight
    why - Thursdays session, and yesterdays recovery delayed until last night turned out to be more 'tempo' than slow...silly silly me.
    last rest - about 3 1/2 weeks
    last hard - Tuesday

    lyric - nope, and talking of Bowie, never been a fan tbh one or two decent tunes, and do have one or two albums on vinyl tucked away somewhere, but never really in my playlists.

  • What: JS group + a couple of miles beforehand if I'm finished work in time
    Why: Thursday
    Last Hard: Tuesday
    Last rest: yesterday
    Lyrics: Googled image


  • Morning from foggy Welshest Wales. On a clear day views from my desk are stunning, looking up the hill/mountain across the road, less than 50 yards. Can't even see the mountainside just now. Dreich covers it I suggest!
    Run last night on the dreadmill and then some STRETCHING then tkd. Another few years I might touch my toes. V tight hammies.
    Lyrics: Absolutely and thought everyone would have got those, especially given the topicalityimage
    What: Spin class and then dreadmill if I can cope
    Why: Need to mix it up and signed up for Jantastic
    Last hard: Body tells me yesterday
    Last Rest: Last Friday
    Snow forecast for next three weeks here so could be fun

  • Afternoon everyone! 
    What: Nothing.
    Why: Resting from two big runs on Sunday/Monday, and have been busy.
    Last hard: Monday. I had a bit of a race against time to join a new running group for 7pm. Out the door on the dot of 6.30pm, 5k and I made it just as the clock struck 7! Ran another 6km with the group. Good motivation to go out after work. I'm going to try a couple of runs home next week. I'm alone in the office Thursday-Friday so maybe a run into work too! 
    Last rest: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Gym tomorrow morning (maybe).
    Lyrics: Yep!
    alehouse do more stretches!!! Enjoy London Davey

  • Afternoon

    What nowt
    Why assignment due
    Lyrics yes

    Dustin I'm on my final course after what seems like ages for a degree in Social Sciences with Human Geography. The original idea was to retrain and become a teacher only the current government withdrew the funding last year for the access course which would have given me the work experience needed for a PGT so I'm not sure what i will do instead. This last module is an entry level course on the Environment which will be enough to give me a 2:2 honours degree. Unfortunately I have three more assignments between now and VLM so no stress then. I will be so glad when it's over as 6 years of study with work and running is starting to take it's toll.

    Alehouse Now stretch 2,3,4....

  • DonaldoDonaldo ✭✭✭

    Just an easy3 miles today.  I should know those lyrics but I cant place them!

  • Postie, that's quite a challenge to your self motivational skills. OU is certainly not an easy option.

    Yesterday's lyrics? Never heard of them.
    Today? No recognition. Have Googled. Now I know.

    Training: Ah, well. Despite threatening to go out on a late session around the block, I never made it. Since my mega-weekend my right quad had felt like it's been beaten up. A hot bath and good sleep last night worked wonders. There's a possibility of a light jog tonight now that tea's done and dusted. I'm supposed to be on taper time anyway, but wasn't intending total cessation.

    Straycelt. You know what they say about Wales. If you can see the mountain it's going to rain. If you can't see the mountain it is raining.

    Bowie? I have some classics on vinyl, which I love. Clearly I should get some more but won't get his retirement present. From what I heard it's got no soul. I simply can't believe that it got so much hype over two days on the OldGits radio channels. The ones that don't play music.

  • 10.6 tonight (5 .5 of which was with JS Group)
    Chance to get another long run on Saturday but then there's next XC on Sundayimage
    Dustin, PP Must admit I'm glad not to have any exams to do (again!)
    M. 50kph is pretty common for us 50 kts not unusual
    GG sounds like my Thursday evenings when I try to get a run before the group run: Last week was touch and go, as I caught them running away from the sports centreimageimage

    image S..............T...............R...............E.................T.................C...............H image

  • Try listening to this Blisters. Music for old farts though you'd probably have to listen on line unless you can get the Bristol version.

  • I can pick Jack FM up in the car when driving in certain directions, but will have to check out whether my proper house tuner (and proper aerial) can find it.

  • Plenty of stretching today, even though no-one reminded me! image

    What turned out to be 2 x 800 probably slightly quicker than of late. It's all relative, of course. Generally quite pleased. Ankles were a little sore, particularly the so-called good one. Probably too much stretching.
    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Finished

    May run tomorrow image

  • Well done Postie.

    All this encouragement, I must thank you all for cajoling me into getting my derriere outside le front port. Truly. I'm just in from a nice and gentle 5 miler, just to test the quads. Handbrakes on all the way, yet still returned 8m/m and no adverse reaction. That was my first run since Friday.


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