New Forest Festival of Running 50k, March 10th

Anyone done this one?

What's the terrain like?




  • answering my own thread here, but the feedback from 2012 (HM dist) was pretty poor!


  • the terrain is quite good, no huge hills, and a little bit of tarmac.(well the half was anyway)

    however, it was the organisation that was the problem. prepare to be self sufficient, eg carry all the water you need and your own gels/food etc and dont look to the marshalls for support and you should be OK!
    However, to be fair the organisers may have taken note of the feedback this year and there will be a whole lot of improvement.

    the endurance life events are better run, if you want an off roader, or try the purbeck marathon for a bit of a challenge (nice hills!)

  • Hi NiceIrondad

    We've looked at many ways of improving the event this year, the water stations being the main one. We had people washing their faces in the water so it had to be thrown away as it got so hot - 7 degrees hotter than forecast! I understand you will have to take on board what people say but I would urge you to give us a try and make up your mind for yourself. It was out first ever event and so we're looking to learn from everything

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