needing little help,encouragement,advice maybe a miracle

Hello ,just seeking some advice help etc-

I have been running for over 20 years now since i was 16 ,in my good days i used to run four 10k`s a week with no problems and loved every second of every pb was 42.00 mins

Now im 39 and struggling to get 2 runs in a week ,as pain in my legs is unbelievable and funny enough the pain actually goes away when running ,i say my legs as they are sore all over but have primary pain in my right knee and left heel and can barely walk next day after run and my running is just getting slower and slower my time atm is just under 1hr,and i also feel so tired.

I just so want to keep running as i love it but its getting so hard to keep myself motivated.

as above just looking for something to get me going again lol.

thanks in advance



  • errm - talk to a medical professional like your GP or a physio???   they can check you over and discuss what they find and make suggestions

    there could be many many reasons why you're experience what you're seeing - illness, injury, age, something else, etc  - and a general thing like this can't be diagnosed by a public forum.

    go see a professional

    advice we can offer, miracles we can't

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    If your getting this much pain, you should get a medical opinion.  At least a sports physio, or even an orthopaedic referral from your GP.

    One of the main causes of discomfort can be worn out trainers - if you've been using your existing ones for a while, maybe its worth changing them.  Maybe even treat yourself to a gait analysis at a specialist shop.

    From your post, it sounds like you always run 10k and always try to run it as fast as possible.  If this is the case, how about trying a different distance and also varying the pace?  Maybe making one run longer (building up to HM distance) at a slower pace (e.g. 1 min per mile slower) and then making the other one an interval type session where you try to get down to 7 min/mile for 400m, then build this up to 800m by adding another 100m to the interval each month. Variety is the spice of life!

    Also a more drastic option is to try a different sport that isn't so hard on your legs for a few months, as after 20 years you deserve a break & after a short while your legs will have had a time to recover. 


  • Could be a tendonitis/plantar fascitis problem if it only comes on day after, but have to reiterate whats been said above and go and see a medical professional to see WHY you're getting the problems now.  And you should try cross training - gym workout, cycling, swimming as well.  Hope it gets sorted out.

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