Is there such a thing as easy hill reps?

I normally do a hill session at least once a week. I train when I can fit things in, I'm a long way from a slave to the schedule. I've done a bit recently (fear of oncoming big race and time off with bugs) the legs feeling it a bit. Tempo session on Tuesday and a longer one last night. I haven't done any hills lately and have a spare half hour today.

My question to the house: would you see any benefit in doing hills, but not really trying as hard as normal? Interested in your thoughts.


  • I've done them where I've run repeatedly up and down the same hill but not gone all the way up on every rep. Top to bottom, 2/3 of the way bottom, halfway to bottom. 1/4 way to bottom and then start again, it gives you varied levels of effort. You can do as many complete sets as you want.

    Sort of a combination of intervals and hill reps - perhaps give it a go?

  • That's an interesting session, perhaps less mentally taxing than regular reps of the same distance? Pyramid hill reps!

  • It was initially forced on me when the only stretch I could find with no ice on it was a hill that had been facing the sun all day. It seemed to work quite well.  image

  • What are hill reps for anyway - to get better at running up hill or just to benefit overall running fitness ?   If it's the former I can't see why they should always been done flat out so no reason why you shouldn't do them steady - if it's the latter then I think there are probably better sessions.

  • I see we're both fell runner, that's why I run hills. Regardless I think they're valuable for all runners... 

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