Trouble with activities upload FR610 - Garmin Connect

Afer some weeks of trouble-free uploading, I can't upload
activities from FR610 to Garmin connect site. The step that freezes is the upload of selected/new activities - there is a screen with no new/selected activities displayed and it doesn't progress beyond it.   I can upload from the FR610 to other activity sites like Runkeeper with 3rd party apps (Fit2app) and whilst checking the Ant stick file there most recent activities are there - so I presume this means the FR610 and the ANT+ stick conncection works. Asked garmin support who told me to go to Devices folder but I haven't got one under Application support/Garmin (Mac) Has anyone got any ideas what I can do? Re-install something? sorry it this is cryptic..


  • maybe try deleting the history from your garmin in case it is corrupted


    then try again with a new activity.




  • Thanks - I have done that - thus losing a number of data but at least they are roughly on runkeeper - and unpaired and then paired again my garmin - it works! many many thanks 

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