Resting heart rate and fitness

Hi, first time posting, hope I am doing it right.

I am curious to know why and what it means to have such a low resting heart rate. I constatly measure my resting heart rate and on average is around 45 and has been as low as in the high 30s.

I consider myself fit, however im no way near elite. I run 4-6km in 4m30s km on a good day, and 10km at 5m km steadily. I also ride my bike and over a 40km ride can average around 25kmh. I know its hard to judge due to terrain. I have always been a sprinter, 100m in 13 odd seconds but i want to work on my endurance

As you can see above my stats are far from elite, my running friend is boardering elite and his resting is around low to mid 50 bpm, his fitness is extremely ahead of mine, he does up to 21km at 3m50s

On top of this I am currently on medication (tarka 2/180) on for 6-7 months. this is to help with high blood pressure. I have had this low heart rate for longer than meds. prior to starting the meds i had all relevant test EKG, bloods, urine, stress and holtar monitor. all i am told cam back normal.

I see my doctor again in mid Feb so I do plan on asking him however I am curious if anyone has a similar thing?

Curious to know if it is ok... is it at all a benefit to or a fall back to have a low resting heart rate etc.


Thanks all!


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    have a look at a thread started just a little bit eralier today on the subject.  RHR isn't a very good measure of performance, its your ability to maintain a pace at a certain %age of Max HR thats the best indicator.  

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