Where are all the 5ks?.....

Running isn't my 1st sport so I may not have picked up on the 'running season' and how it works. I am looking to do some 5ks, and would like to enter 1 a month from now onwards, but there don't seem to be many 5k runs about in the wiltshire/hampshire area...specifically near Marlborough/Hungerford/Andover/Salisbury area

Is it the wrong time of year atm for such an event?...what is the peak time for 5k races?...

Until I find one I will carry on billy-no-mates running on my tod in prep for a race image


  • ChloboChlobo ✭✭✭

    you beauty! image thank you

  • no problemo. they are great events. good luck! image

  • If you get bored of that one there are loads of others within about 30 mins travelling time as well.

    You probably already picked this up from the website but the beauty of it is you only ever have to sign up once (and can swap between different locations thereafter without having to sign up again) and it's free.

  • Andover has a Parkrun (A timed 5k every Sat morning)

  • Oops ! You already clicked on Bingo

  • I think Romsey has a 5k race, or maybe it's 5 miles.

    But you are right, other than Parkruns there are very few 5k races around.  There are four in Portsmouth in the summer but I guess that's a bit far for you to travel.

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    Parkrun is good fun as there are people there of all abilities. If you want to race there are always quite a few at the front who are really going for it. Or if you want a more relaxed run then you can do that too. The runs are all timed with the results on their website so there is plenty to look at if you are a stats geek like me.
  • That's depressing - I love parkrun, and I really go for it, but I'm absolutely nowhere near the whippets at the front.

  • There's a summer series in Yeovil - check out YTTRC website.

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