Completed C25k now on the road to C210k advice

Hi all,

I have been reading on this forum for a little while & decided it was time to sign up & ask for some advice. I started with the C25k program in July as I wanted to get into running. Using a handy app on my iphone & following the walk run program I am now comfortable at running 5k twice a week in around the 30-35 mins mark.

So last week I began the transition on to 10k now. I'm using the C210k plan (Again with the same companies 10k app) I have simply started on the next planned run after reaching the 5k or running for 30mins plan.

I'm hoping to get to running 10k or 60 mins non stop by the  28th Feb based on 2 runs a week. I know most plans say to run 3 times a week but I feel my body reacts better to two runs with increased rest time.

I want to run the Bupa 10k in London the 27th May & need some advice on what to do when I get to running 10k or for 60mins non stop to help me get ready & not to overtrain etc.

I'm 30 years old & am loving the feeling running gives me but would love to complete a 10k with no injury rather than smashing 60 mins at the expense of my body etc.

All comments are welcome.



  • You're more likely to be undertrained than overtrained. Unless you're going out and doing 100 mile bike rides on the days you're not running i'd worry more about if you can do a 10k in 60 minutes by may with that little amount of running, if that's your goal.

  • Hi Lardarse

    Sorry didn't explain myself well in my original post. By the 28th Feb I will be running for 60 mins non stop. I know it won't be 10k in distance. I'm just aiming to complete a 10k in May in any time.

    I just wanted advice on what to do once I get to running for 60 mins constant to help me from March to May to make me complete the 10k
  • Hi Jonathan, have you looked at any of the 10k training programs here or on the web? The Macmillan site has loads of good stuff to readimage

    6-7 weeks to run 60 minutes without stopping would be a great achievement if I'm anything to go by lol

  • To be fair I haven't looked at other training plans as the c25k one I used was really good for me & my c210k one has picked up where I left off. I guess what I want is some advice on what direction I need to go once I complete my current plan to get me in a good position to run on the 28th May with confidence I will get round whatever the finishing time.
  • If you can "comfortably" run 5K in 30 mins or so twice a week now, I'd have thought it shouldn't take that long to be able to run 10K in 60 (and probably a fair bit under that in a race in May) - just train a bit more (at least 3 times a week) and up your weekly distance incrementally so you increase your endurance - 8/9 weeks out from the race start something like the runners world 8 week 10K plan.

    Having been running/training since July on the C25K plan, you should be a fair bit more aerobically fit than someone on the 5K week of the C210K plan - you really need a 5K210K plan image  I'd imagine you're underestimating what you can do and are overly afraid of injury.  IMO go for it a bit more!

  • Hi Daeve

    I must admit I do still have something left in tank when I am training. So in race conditions I know I will run at a faster pace. Yep injury does worry me & I feel 3 times a week doesn't work for me which is why I do two sessions. For me I'd rather do two sessions & be happy than 3 & constantly having niggles & pushing myself too hard.

    My natural instinct is to go full out anyway so actually slowing myself down to enjoy the experience has been a new challenge. I just don't want to train 3 times a week going great then 2 weeks before get an injury & not complete the race. All I want is to say I completed a 10k & after that with confidence I can start to run quicker.

    Also all these training plans have 4x400m etc & to me to estimate how far I have to run at a certain pace sounds like a lot of work for something you are supposed to be enjoying.

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