Is a 10k 2 weeks after a marathon too soon?

Hi, I'm doing Halstead Marathon on May 12th, and quite keen on doing the Bupa10k again, but its only 2 weeks after.  Usually after a marathon I've over-rested whilst i figure out what my next goal will be - just wondering whether getting out for  a 10k 2 weeks later will be detrimental/ not really matter, but dont think i'll get a good time, or go ahead, you'll get ur best time yet!

When I did the same race following the London Marathon- so a month later, I managed to set my best 5k in the second half- the first was slow as i ran with some friends, but then ditched them!


  • Depends how well you recover ?  Youve run marathons before - so how do you feel 2 weeks after ? Some people will be fine, some not. 

  • i'm certain you'd be capable of completing the course, but my guess is that you might be short of a PB. But then, who knows; a good rest after your marathon might act like a taper for your 10k and you might storm around. I don't think there's any harm booking it in and either race it or just enjoy the day out, depending how you feel on the day.

  • Well I usually have felt fine after a few days, though after Berlin I did have a bit of swelling in my ankle for  abit longer, though I attribute that to the flat/downhill course.

    that being said, I never tried it before.  I'll give it a go then.  Thanks image 

  • Did my 10k pb 8 days after the Mk marathon last year. Definitely doable.
  • I did my 10k PB after a 20 mile training run the previous day.  I ws training for my first marathon at the time.

  • I have run several PB 10K's 2 to 3 weeks after a marathon, go for it
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