Shin pain

Just after a bit of advice on my sore shins !

I have been running regularly for 10 months now, but developed shin splints on the inside of my legs about 5 months ago...I've become a bit obsessed with it, and read everything i can find. I've also seen 2 sports physios. The advice from the first was to do loads more stretching as my muscles are like bowstings. The second thinks that my lower legs are slightly rotated due to a stange gait.

I've also stopped running totally for 6 weeks, but as soon as I started again the soreness came back. I've studied my style and changed from heel striking to mid and forefoot. I'm also taking shorter strides with lower impact.

Even with all these changes my shins continue to hurt in the same tiny spot on the bone both sides. Is this something that i'll just have to put up with, as there is no way that i'm going to stop my beloved running ! The soreness isn't really bad, and never get's worse (or much better).It's only sore if i really press on the spot.

Will they strengthen in time ?

Any thoughts much appreciated



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