shortness of breath and wheezing

i started running back in september and am now up to 3-4 mile runs 3x per week. starting about a month ago i started to feel pretty short of breath about a mile into my run. it's enough that i often feel like i have to stop and walk just to catch my breath. at first i figured it was because it was getting colder (i'm in NYC) and also because my lungs just needed to get into better shape. often i just try to "run through it", but it really doesn't get any better throughout and usually i am really gulping for air by the end of my run. then about two weeks ago i started to notice that after my run i was wheezing for about ten minutes. has anyone else had this experience? i'm thinking perhaps i have exercise-induced asthma (i should say that i had adolescent asthma that disappeared when i was about 12), but i don't want to blow this out of proportion of it's just something that will go away once i'm in better shape. 


thanks for any advice!


  • You should really go to your GP - what you describe does sound like exercise induced asthma to me - having suffered from it myself.  If this is the case then you won't just be able to run through it.  A properly managed course of medication is the only way.  After years of poorly managed asthma - my fault I didn't take the preventative medication when I felt 'well' only to end up in A&E a couple of times - I now take my inhaler (Symbicort) daily and consider myself asthma free. 

  • Does indeed sound like some form of asthma. GO TO DOCTOR!!!

    I have bad enough asthma that in the past it's landed me in hospital a few times but now with proper medication I can run year round almost completely symptom free.

  • I agree with others in that it sounds like asthma. I'd suggest going to your GP and explain to them about your symptoms.

  • Asthma.

    You might find that it does go away as you get fitter - mine did.  But its not worth taking a risk in the short term so seek medical attention.

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