Brass Monkey - 2 male numbers available

I have 2 male numbers available for this years Brass Monkey 1/2 marathon. I can't do it as I have an adducter sprain. As I have dropped out my mate who was doing it as well has decided against doing it.

face value wanted for them (or nearest offer) and we can split them




  • Do you now if it can be transferred to female? If so happy to pay face value

  • Andrew I'll take one hopefully carol will be ok for the otherimage
  • Carol, sorry but I don't think you can transfer between a male and female number.

    Nicholas, I'll pm you

  • One number has gone but there is still one available if anyone is interested

  • Andrew - FYI I'm pretty sure you can transfer between male and female mind.

  • Looking at the website it doesn't say you can't actually. It just says fill in the transfer form an hour up to an hour before the race.
  • Worst comes to the worst there's always a sex change.  You could discount a % off the cost of the surgery from the face value image

  • Lol Mattam..... I'd really like to do the Brass Monkey, but not if I Need a sex change!!

    Andrew if you're happy to sell, I'll buy.  I don't mind emailing the Harriers to check if you'd like me to?


  • Carol, I'm happy if you are. Can you message me and we'll sort out the payment and where to send the number.


  • My friend had actually messaged somebody on and they have said they can't be transferred between genders, I don't want to get myself or anyone in trouble by swapping when we shouldnt...... seems such an odd ruling!?

  • Ok no problem Carol. It does seem a strange rule!

    I hope you get sorted with another place.
  • So there is still one male place available if anyone is interested
  • Nicholas, the race number has been posted out to you yesterday.

    I still have one male place available if anyone is interested.
  • Hi carol, i have a female number available if your still looking pls message me

  • Cheers Andrew
  • Is anyone having problems exchanging numbers? Looks like the transfer form has to be returned by Wednesday.
  • I emailed them to query and they replied to say that transfers can be done on the day, deadline one hour before race start. You are correct though the transfer form does state Wednesday, I think this is preferential.
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