garmin 405

had my garmin 405 a few years,the bezel has locked and I can not get into it,I have tried holding both buttons down it just says bezel locked,I tried everything i know to unlock it.ANY IDEAS ANYBODY.imageimage


  • Have you tried reseting it? Holding both buttons until the screen goes blank, about 10 seconds? Have you tried letting it run completely out of charge?

  • Yes I have tried both of those,holding both buttons down for at least a couple of minutes the screen does not go blank,it stays on the time and says bezel  locked.Thanks Lardarseimageimage

  • How do I master reset my Forerunner 410, 405Cx or 405?

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    There are a few instances in which performing a master reset on the Forerunner 410, 405CX or 405 is necessary, such as if the device is:

    • Not functioning properly
    • Needing to be restored to factory default settings
    • Not receiving a satellite signal*
    • To bring up language selection prompt if incorrect language text is showing
    • Unable to pair up accessories, such as the heart rate monitor or foot pot

    All settings and workout data will be erased when resetting the GPS. Workouts can be backed up to training programs like Garmin Connect.

    1. Press and hold Start/Stop and Lap/Reset simultaneously
    2. Press both buttons until screen goes blank
    3. Release Start/Stop and continue to hold Lap/Reset
    4. Release Lap/Reset when the Do you really want erase all user data? message appears
    5. Select Enter (Start/Stop) to clear user data

    Once these steps are complete, follow the setup prompts. Set profile options and charge the battery completely before using.

    Guess this wont work either if you cany get it to'll have to contact garmin...

  • Firmware update? Should be 2.80

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