Achilles trouble

I am a 46 yr old passionate runner. I have been running for nearly 20 years. I live 500 metres from a National Park and love my early morning runs. My PBs are sub 40 for 10k, sub 20 for 5k and a 3.21 marathon. About 2 years ago my left Achilles started giving trouble but I was able to manage it with 3 to 4 runs a week. Last April I stupidly ran a 10 miler (69mns) when it was sore. I could barely walk afterwards. The MRI scan said I had a 1.5 cm tear plus I had a lot of extra bone swelling. I did a PRP injection and rested for a few months. I went back running around October and did all the strengthening and stretching my physio ordered me to do. I was back doing gentle 30 mns jogs 3 times a week when on week 7 it went sour again. The soreness was in a different place but the same Achilles. I had seen an Orthopaedic Surgeon before the PRP who commented on the obvious bone swelling He reckoned that surgery to shave down the excess bone and stretching the Achilles was a good option but obviously could not guarantee success. My physio agrees and says this is a serious option and maybe the only one if I am to run again. Is age against me? I hate the idea of surgery but the thought of not being able to run is unbearable and so frustrating. I am enjoying biking but it takes so much longer. Has anyone out there had a similar problem and is back running now? Please help this frustrated runner!!!
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