Shin Splints, underpronation, new shoes, leg tape?

Hey I'm new to the forums and pretty new to the running game, I did do a marathon in 2009 and this year, 2013 I'm starting to get back into it.

The only problem is that I appear to be having some ill gait issues. I am running on the outside of me feet which I believe is underpronation. That said I have some very tight hamstrings and calves which sort makes me run on my toes more. I have also been having pains on the inside of my calves or shin splints.

I am currently running in Asics Gel-Nimbus 12's, please see the photo of the wear. I'm not sure if these are suitable shoes and what I should get for an upgrade?

Should I get tape to help with the shin splints? I have been resting and stretching a lot but the pain comes back. (I might be pushing it a bit I am attempting to do 1000miles this year image) Any thoughts and advice are very much appreciated. Thanks!

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