Hip pain after running

Hi, I have been running for around 10 years and have suffered a few bouts of Achilles tendonitis. After overdoing it on an aerobics / running holiday I came back with tendonitis which lasted 3 months, I was unable to run so cross trained as much as possible. I have now been suffering really bad muscular pain in ny left hip, my tendonitis was in my right leg. I'm not sure if its a knock on effect but its VERY painful in the mornings after a long rest or moving around after sitting, moving in bed etc and its just started to hurt while running, I've had the pain 8 months and have not over trained on the contrary I have rested as much as possible. Treatment so far, seen a Podiatrist who was very helpful gave me some insoles to stop the tendonitis returning. Had a lot of private physio, massage etc. Any one got a miracle cure? Pppllleeeaaassseee!image


  • Don't wish to unduly alarm you but hip pain could be an indicator of a number of things including groin problems, poor core, hip cartilage, stress fract, bony impingements - like i said don't want to unduly alarm you but its been 8 months and you've got nowhere, time to step up asserrtiveness with professionals.

    How is your core and glutes? do you work on these at all?

    What does your physio say-has he done a full assessment including looking to see if any glute/core weaknesses and muscle imbalances? If physio trys to bluff this then time to change physio.

    If physio can't work it out, then might wish to consider referral to Sports medicine to consider what they say, and they will likely order further investigations including MRI, possibly an arthrogram, and x-ray.

  • Hi - agree with parklife - has your physio given you any exercises to try and strengthen you core and glutes ? If not then it sounds like it might be time to change physio.... I also have a problem with my hip (impingement) and whilst one physio wrote me off  another one has worked really hard with me to try and stabilise the problem and improve my core strength.  Good Luck 

  • If it started hurting only after you were sitting/resting for a while, then it could be tight hip flexors and/or gluts that are causing some sort of impingement at the hip - presumably sports physio has assessed those muscles??  And you have been stretching them???   It is possible the insoles could be effecting the hip in a bad way (changing gait patterns)...   Weak core could mean unstable pelvis, putting pressure on hip muscles.  Otherwise it could be anything parklife said...

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