Coloured tape - where did it go

Earlier this year there was a mad craze for taping various muscles with bits of sticky backed plastic, it was supposed to help all kinds of problems, where did it go? It was clearly a fad as I don't see it any more, will its demise mean another fad? If so what will it be when this years crop of new runners take to the streets in spring


  • its just hidden under long leggings image


  • it's Kinesio tape - been around for over 20 years but only come into vogue in the last few years.  some history here -

    science says it's a pile of tosh - many users claim it works for them

    and no doubt you'll see it around again next summer when more flesh is on show

  • they were doing it for a few people at an expo i went to this year for free and i was picked to have my calf done since i was carrying a slight injury, all i had to do was give a glowing report after the race, it made no difference and actually annoyed me more than anything else, 

    the pre-cut calf one was like £20 too, thats crazy for a single use bit of tape.

  • Silly idea.

    I swear by my duck tape.
  • I've seen somebody totally duck taped up and winched to the ceiling in a hangar, he didn't move a muscleimage

  • is it one of those things that if people think it works it works?

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I class it alongside those funny bracelets / necklaces that were about a while ago. Must be a salesmans dream if you see someone come into your shop wearing one of those.
  • Actually I haven;t seen so much recenrlly although there was some on show at the Olympics last summer. Wherever it is stuck, I personally think it works directly on the brain i.e. is is a psychological boost with no real physical benefit!

    By the way it is Duct tape not Duck tape although most people seem to think it is duck tape.

    used originally in building scenarios rather than Veterinary ones image

  • Might be wrong, but was it part of that Parnorama program which argued there was no need for (most people to buy) expensive trainers / energy drinks / supplements. Think they may have said on the program that there was basically no evidence it works apart from psychological boost.

  • Like stripes on a fiesta, but what will it be this year?

  • Brooks the beast wrote (see)

    By the way it is Duct tape not Duck tape although most people seem to think it is duck tape.


    Nope...  definitely Duck Tape.   I bought some yesterday from B&Q to make a temporary repair my sunroof...!



  • Duck tape is a trade name that came from the original mispronunciation of Duct tape, it has been used to seal central heating and ventilation ducts for many years,

    can you get it in the go-faster blue?

  • I think you might be able to EKGO.  I've seen black, silver, red and green so I'm sure there must be some blue out there somewhere

  • Blue tape..:



  • As soon as Cougs mentioned Duck Tape I just knew someone was going to say it was duct tape.   I'm with FB on it being either.

  • When a company puts an apostrophe in 1000s, I wouldn't trust them to know whether it's duck or duct tapeimage
  • I agree with the grammaticists, but was also going to mention another fad that we haven't seen for a little while: nose plasters.

    I bet Paula feels really, really silly when she sees the recordings in 20 years' time. When she sees THAT recording she'll just be embarrassed again.

  • fat buddha wrote (see)

    it's Kinesio tape - been around for over 20 years but only come into vogue in the last few years.  some history here -

    science says it's a pile of tosh - many users claim it works for them

    and no doubt you'll see it around again next summer when more flesh is on show

    First thought would be to agree with science on the tape. Something for those "all the gear no idea" types.

    But at a half marathon I did last summer, 2 elite ladies who were running in the Olympic marathon the next month had loads of it on.

    So you wouldn't really argue with someone of their level!

    Apart from the tape, 2 things stood out for me at that race, which at a 1,000 strong field is just my local half marathon

    1. 3 runners in the top 5 competing in the Olympic marathon the next month, a once in a lifetime happening! Not to mention a lady who has represented Britain at the marathon herself being squeeed down to 3rd lady!
    2. The chap and 3rd lady are local, but why on earth would the 2 Olympian ladies pick such a hilly course as a build up when there are loads of halfs...
  • I'm guessing it depends on entry dates. Two runners (can't spell or pronounce their names) turned up on the day and walked away with the record times and first and second place at the NSPCC Milton Keynes half.
  • entry dates don't usually apply to elites.

    Organisers are usually keen to allow them in to boost the profile of the race.

    Wokingham half is an example. Closed, but if you can run under a certain time you're in .

  • You also see pros wearing hologram bracelets so I'd not take their pb's as a sign it works.
  • The tape is still about. Whenever I have been to my physio, I have failed to escape without my right leg being plastered in the stuff. Never heard of it before I started running last year. In my day it used to be non stretch Zinc Oxide tape for strapping sports injuries, which came in a choice of white or white.

    I'm sure there are a lot of compression socks being worn under those leggings, and runners going off for sports massage etc, all which have dubious scientific research. But, as a lot of running is in the mind, it will all be back out there in the spring helping in some way or another
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Most pros will wear stuff just because they are being paid to, although you'd have to pay me a fortune before I started wearing those long socks in a race.
  • I don't see what is happening with this tape lark..   it's just tape, right?  It doesn't seem to be applied in a supportive way, but it seems to be just a strip stuck on the skin.  The blurb on the web site describes its elasticity and beathability etc...  so, what's the point..?   Apart from being unnecessarily obvious (it could be flesh coloured?!), I just don't see the science in it.  

    Unless I'm missing the science, it just seems like sticky tape stuck on the skin.....

    Its surely just a money making scheme for the guy who invented it..?   The cost of the 'courses' are ridiculously expensive....


  • Millsy, I used to laugh at the long sock wearers too, then I tried it myself. I don't like running in tights, much prefer shorts, but having exposed calves in the winter definitely leads to more minor pulls and tweaks. I wear Aldi compression socks and really notice a difference, though I think it's more down to the added warmth rather than the compression.

    P.S. Duct tape is the name of the product, Duck is a brand. Duck tape IS duct tape, but not all duct tapes are Duck tape. Think Dolphins and porpoises and Venn diagrams and subsets. image


  • There's dolphin tape ? I'm confused !
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Dolphin tape is just like duck tape only more intelligent apparently.

    Wearing the long socks may well work but it still looks odd when teamed with short shorts. Just my oppinion though.
  • Oh, I totally agree with you that it looks All Wrong. I chuckle when I see other people wearing them. I'm such a hypocrite, I know...
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