Any advice on this one.
Can i keep running?


  • I couldn't say, but I suspect it won't get better unless you do. I've got problems with this too, and have switched to gym exercises, but even this is aggravating it.

    Just saw the physio yesterday - I have been told to stop things like cycling, rowing machine, Body Combat classes, running etc and to do lots of stretches. Bang goes my fitness for FLM2002.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    I had this a few months ago. The physio gave me a routine of stretches and exercises and advised me to keep running, but to scale it down a bit. She also said not to give in to the pain unless it was unbearable.

    What happens to you depends on the causes of the sciatica. They tend to be biomechanical, deriving either from the way you run or walk or even sit. Posture, in other words. Until you've got to the root cause, you're unlikely to get rid of the sciatica. Impact from running is important as well - try getting a sports massage of the lower back area once a month. Look at your shoes and their impact-absorption properties. I had to change mine.

    With me, the end result is, as of now, that I'm running faster and easier and absolutely pain-free.
  • 8 years ago i has sciatica and a CT scan showed a prolapsed ('slipped') L4/5 disc. I was advised to stop running and did. After 3 months i still had the pain, felt awful and had put on weight so i started running again. And, it got better. Coincindental timing? The experts tell us that most discs will shrink back, maybe that's what happened. personally, i think the running helped.
    My back has been fine since apart from some twinges before the 2000 FLM, then i went for a sports massage every few weeks and that did the trick.
    As Muttley suggests you need a diagnosis from someone and then to look at the treatment options and consider some physio or massage.
    good luck with it.
  • I have suffered from sciatica and lower back problems for a number of years. I was diagnosed by a Physio at my local hospital as having a bulging disc in my lower back and that it would get worse. I continued running during my good periods and when the problem returned a few months ago I went straight to a local chiropractor who did sports injuries. After a full background check and examination he diagnosed my problem as a rotating pelvis (apparantly quite unusual)and the exercises he 'prescribed' were yoga stretches. I have to do these everyday regardless of if I am in pain or not. I have been running consistently and without pain since. Don't give up!
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