Patella Tendonpathy

I have patella tendonpathy on the knee as well as fluid around the knee. I will be going for a specialised injection within a few weeks. I have been training in the interim and this has been going well until yesterday. I get severe pains in my upper quad and land up running with a limp on the downhills. Am i able to continue to run until i get my injection and 2),does patella tendonpathy have a impact on the quadricep?


  • The patella tendon is where one end of the quads attach to your tibia (via patella), so quad will probably have a LOT to do with the tendon or visa-versa.  You need to make sure you are stretching your quads and particularly the rectus femoris muscle regularly (knee flexion and hip extension at the same time), especially after exercise. I wouldn't bother running through pain if youre getting treatment - why not do short runs or cycle /swim instead?

  • thanks. I have a injection scheduled for a few weeks from now. It has to be done by a orthopedic surgeon with local anistectic. I have noticed that my quad pains alot after around 20 mins running and i battle for hours afterwards to walk properly. I have also noticed that i am using so much effort just to run at below average pace. I have been training  5 times a week but the last two runs have really been bad. I have decided a few days rest and then maybe cut down to 3 days a week until my injection. Will there be a vast improvement once i have the injection? I have been battling with patella tendonpathy for almost 2 years now and i am relieved that the problem has finally been found and that i hope the injection will finally resolve these issues.

  • Is it a cortisone injection?  They can take upto 2-3 days to work properly.  They are anti-inflammatory so designed to to reduce/remove inflammamtion at the precise problem area.  It may resolve the issue by breaking the inflammationpain imflammation cycle but there's no guarantees unfortunealty. 

    If the problem is caused by biomechanical issues (poor running style/weak and/or tight gluts/stiff or fallen foot arches can all create excessive torsion/tension at the knee when running) it may well flare up again once you start running distances again if you don't sort those out.  One injection is generally thought safe but there are studies showing repeated injections to the same spot actually retard tissue healing and can cause breakdown of the tendon.

    A good thing about these types of injections is they allow you to be able to do proper strengthening & rehab (could be as simply as gradually building up distance running over time) without it irrating the knee further.    Best advice I can give you on here is make sure stretch your quads and gluts!  (2/3 times per day, 45 secs at a time)

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