I am signed up for Olympic Distance slateman in May.

I have done two s[print Tris finishing in around1hr 36mins.

I have run for a few years now and regularly race 10km - half marathon distances. Best time for a Half is 1hr 51mins.

I am confident with my swim as train weekly and can already swim the distance.

 It is the bike that needs improvement. Well not the bike, me on the bike.

Any advice for traing would be apreciated. i have a hallf marathon in march and so am struggling to fit tin the bike around that. I know that running is my favourite over cycling!

Have looked at training plans....looks like some balance 3 workouts for each discipline a week?

Anyway what I'm asking I guess is, ideas/info for training for the bike as I am clueless!!!!



  • Ride the bike ride the bike ride the bike.  Can you get out at the weekend and get a ride in ? Do you have a turbo ? Do you have access to a gym with spin classes ?

    I'd not worry about specific workouts as such - just get out and ride the bike. 

    How many miles a week are you running for the half marathon ? That cant take up too many hours surely ? Cycling takes longer to train than running so you need to find the time.  Train your weak points. 

  • As above something to thing about is cycleing and running can compiment each other in team's of training depending on your training plan fit some cycling into it and you will probably get the same inprovement back. if your able to cycle to work and things like that even through it's not quility training as such it's going to help your confidence no end.

    I know of the slateman but not much in term's of the bike route would I be right in assuming it's a bit hilly? If it is any hill rides you can fit in would be of massive benifit.

    While it's cold and rubbish if it's not safe where you are to cycle at the moment with snow and ice take a look for a spinning session at your local gym will help a bit. If your able to get hold of a turbo trainer will also help a lot as well as being able to listen to the archer's in the confort of you kitchen while it's minus -5 outside.

  • The slateman has a long steady climb out of llanberris up the pass a lot of the rest of it is fast and undulating

    The run is a beast but great fun

    My tips

    Deffo get some open water swims in the lake is cold at that time of year the swim was shortened last year cos of the temp

    Bike train as much as you can and practice running off the bike

    Run training get in lots and lots of hills

    Its a great race enjoy!
  • Thanks Guys!

    Very helpful advice. I have been out on the bike this week and enjoyed it, I'm still slower than I want but if I get the miles in hopefully that will improve.

    There are plenty of hills round here so I will get on those for the the next few months.

    I live near the sea so will be getting in the water soonish, will be sticking with the pool till then!

    One other question.... How often do you brick train?
  • for a brick as a general rule I'd say once a week? Not the end of the world if you are concentrating on other training now through and it can probably wait until you've done your half in march.

  • OMG big panic attack.....was in Porthmadog last week so took the bike to Llanberis to ride up the pass there!!! Got to withing 1k of the top and couldn't go any further - more hill training for me then. Knew I should have picked the pancake falt TRI down the road in Southport for the first one!! Is bike pushing allowed?

  • Wait till you get to the first half of the run its epic!

    My advice to anyone doing this is to get some OW swims in that lake was taters last year and that was with a very warm spring

    Regards the bike the Llanberris pass is the biggie its a steady climb though if you pace it propperly its not to bad the rest of the bike is rolling

    Slateman is an awesome race
  • I am doing this race in May following a great experience at the Sandman last year. They are cracking races. Sadie, if it helps here is coverage from last year

    As RB said, the climb looks manageable
  • Thanks guys!

    I'm getting out on the bike and feel more confident now.

    I'm doing the Exmoor Beauty in a couple of weeks. That is 60 miles. That should be good training!

    Looking forward to Slateman!! I will have a look at those clips from last year:0)
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