Hopping mad....


I think I might have injured my calf, but am hoping I've just left it a bit long between sports massages, and haven't been paying enough attention to stretching.

I would be really interested in any physio's views on what the tell-tale symptoms are that would lead them to diagnose a calf tear, and what distinguishes a calf tear from just a overly tight muscle...


  • lol - now eff off and let me get some proper adviceimage
  • It's important to clarify that an overly tight mussel is clearly identifiable as one that always hangs back whilst the clams and barnicles go to the bar.


    sorry... but at least I'm bringing the thread back to the top of the 'latest posts' list!


  • Calf tears from cow eyes.

    But could someone provide some proper advice as Ive just developed a sore calf: had to cut my tempo session short yesterday.
  • ...calf tears from cow eyes - HA!

    Tear, as in torn image will have tissue disruption and A is no longer connected to B so it'll bleed and bruise. There also may be a lump or bump. It may or may not be weaker going up on tip toes

    A tight muscle will be tight, painful on stretch, maybe weak but won't bleed or bruise.

    A tight muscle may be a pre-torn muscle and if you don't fix one you'll get the other. BUT in most cases both terms are inter changable, used ad hoc and without really obvious signs or diagnostic ultrasound go for a healing worst option, until proven otherwise!

  • Thanks Six - I was hoping you might turn up, and I'm probably going to be paying a visit to your team at Fleet Street next week.

    I don't have any visible bruising, didn't have a sudden sharp pain, and going up on tip toes doesn't hurt.

    The bottom half of my calf is tender when pressed, hopping on one leg does hurt a little , and stretching is also slightly painful.

    I haven't run for the last 3 days, and am going for a sports massage later today, but can't decide whether to try for a run tomorrow, or whether that might risk making it worse....
  • Hoorah! we'll look after you....

    In the interim have a massage, some gentle stretches and see if you can run 90 seconds. If you can then a small run is possible. If not then don't.

    It doesn't sound like a tear but we need to find out why it feels tight. Likely suspects, foot type in wrong shoe, technique, lower limb control and dare i say it maybe even nervy type pain........

    See you soon.

  • Thanks - am just back from my massage, and she definitely found the spot(s) where I'm tight.

    I'm going to stick some compression sleeves on for the rest of today, and hopefully will be able to do a slow and easy run tomorrow.

    My sports massage lady thinks it is probably just the after-effects of some long hilly runs during the last three weeks where my legs have been slip-sliding all over the place. I really hope she's right image
  • So - brief update.

    I've just done 2 slow kms, and although my calf feels better than it did on Wednesday, I have to be honest and admit it wasn't pain free.

    I went out hoping to do 3 miles, but decided to do 1k laps that start and finish at the front of my house, so that if my calf was still stiff and sore, I could stop part way through.

    I could have easily done more than two, but I decided to play it safe, cut it short, and to spend some time stretching instead.

  • I went out to test my calf last night and did a lap of the village which is about 2 miles in total.  Felt fine on the level bits and downhill, but as soon as I started on the uphill section, which is a reasonable gradient (I have used it for hill reps) then I could feel it.

    Walked up the hill then jogged home on the level, which felt ok.  Think I'll leave it until the weekend then try again.

    Bloody annoying, because at this time of year I don't facy going out on the bike instead.

  • Lou - your niggle sounds very similar to mine, as my calf feels just about normal on the flat, but is a bit more noticeable when it comes to going up hill.  Mine also feels worse the faster I go, which I think is due to needing more "push" of the front foot when travelling at speed.

    I'm having another sports massage tonight on the spot where I think I've done some minor damage, and am then hoping to slowly get back into some running.

    I'm 15 weeks away from my spring marathon, so I'm hoping time spent now getting it right will stop it being an ongoing niggle for the next 15 weeks.

    Good luck!

  • Up hill and speed - It first occurred during a tempo session. Did a couple of miles easy warm up then as soon as I increased my pace it hurt.

    Do you think the sports massage is helping?

    I did a resistance session last night with squats & lunges and a bit of stretching which I was slightly nervous about but didn't feel anything. Will try another short run tomorrow.

    No marathon planned for me, but I was going for a 10k pb attempt on 27th, which probably isn't going to happen now.
  • Lou

    I think mine first occurred on some long hilly off-road runs when it was really wet and slippy underfoot, and then I made it worse by running a ten mile race when I really shouldn't have rested.

    Yes, I think the sports massage is helping, but then again I haven't done a run for 7 days (apart from the 2k aborted run on Sunday). I''m hoping to do 3-4 very slow, very easy miles tomorrow and see how it feels, and fingers crossed I can get back into it. I've also finally got round to buying myself a foam roller and a Thera-band to help me stretch properly....

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