How to get Rid of Flashing Marines Advert

I'm not quite sure if I find the advert for the Royal Marines offensive - I think more that it is more misplaced in a running forum such as this - however I am sick to death of it flashng.
People have given instructions on how to remove it if you have Norton or use Internet Explorer.
Just for information if you use (As I do at home because it is far more reliable and not owned by a monopoly organisation) the Mozilla internet browser, you can remove the offending flashing image by clicking on it with your right mouse button and select block images from this server. When you reenter the page the image will no longer be there.
If you later want to bring the image back simply right click where the image once was and select unblock images from this server. Simple and once again easier than Internet Explorer...
I haven't tested this on Netscape but as they use the Mozilla source code I am assuming the same applies.

PS sorry Runner's World for suggesting this to others but it is (with the exception of removing the search facility) the single worse thing you have done on this site.


  • Same can be done if using Internet Explorer - Tools/Options/Advanced and then deselect play animations/video

    One again, assuming you are bothered such things !
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