Advice on Heart Rate Monitor


I was wondering if anyone could give me some suggestion on heart rate monitors.

I am currently training for my first marathon - and want to keep track of distances as well as how hard I am working. I have no experience of heart rate monitors - but believe GPS can be used to track distances.

I would also want use the heart rate monitor on treadmills and for gym workouts.

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,



  • f you want both then your only real choice is the TIMEX Speed, distance and heart monitor. Doesn't work well in very-tall-buildings-ville, but OK elsewhere apparently. Lots of Dosh!

    Wouldn't buy NIke still as weight on foot is not a good idea and they are still too unreliable.

    Might be cheaper from US...

  • Hi Mike - I use a polar s610 - i started with a lower spec and it was great but the s610 has software that you upload your run to and get a whole load of stats, diary etc great motivator etc - check out - the tech help and support is great and the software is constantly updated - as you can see - i'm a big fan!

  • Ive had no probs with Cyclosport - from ive also got the timex SPD - that is fantastic if you can justify the costs
  • Thanks for all the advice,

    does anyone have any ideas on where is the best place to purchase a heart rate monitor? Do the ones from the US work in the UK? Does the GPS system still work in the UK? And what about batteries or recharging?

    Thanks again.

  • Check out my thread on URWFRC.

    Nike C5 for sale, a friend of mine also has a Polar M52 for sale as well.
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