Official: The Wild Night Run is tougher than the Grizzly

With just one month to go until the Wild Night Run, we decided to run round the course on Thursday night. Thanks to all the recent rain conditions are tough. In fact mile-for-mile it is definitely tougher and guarantees more ‘grime and punishment’ and more boulders for your buck than the famous Grizzly race. The bog section is properly boggy and thanks to all the recent rain the rocky sections are rockier than ever as any remaining top soil has been washed away. When you finally reach a short stretch of tarmac it feels like running on a feather bed. There’s a fantastic gentle downhill Moor section of a mile and a half or so where you can really let rip,  but even here you need to keep your eyes skinned to avoid your foot being swallowed  by one of the scattered boggy bits.

To put it in context Wildrunning founder and winner of last year’s Grizzly Ceri Rees can easily knock out sub-5 minute mile intervals on tarmac. But you’ll see that on a recent reccy of the Wild Night Run his Strava mile splits were considerably slower. To be fair Ceri was taking it easy and would be going faster in a race situation but it’s a sign that this race is not to be under-estimated.


  • All I can say is  - so what if it is tougher.

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  • its not the toughness that makes the grizzly great..its the hundreds of marshalls that support and encourage.......the whole town seems to welcome the race and they put a lot of effort into making it special

    so instead of comparing yours to the grizzly.spend more time telling us why yours is so special and worth visiting

  • and i cannot believe that yours is so hilly and tough that it takes someone longer to run your 10 miles than it takes to run the 20 mile grizzly

  • No I said mile for mile it's tougher. Of course it's going to take much less time than the Grizzly as it's half the distance.  I should add that I think the Grizzly is a fantastic race and I thoroughly enjoyed doing it last year. But we're certainly putting lots of time and effort into making our race a fun, memorable event too. We have features like the King and Queen of the Night (some good runners, very brightly illuminated with special prizes if you can beat them). We're also lining up some live music & some great food. And last but not least it really is a cracking course with very varied terrain and some great views if it's a clear night.

  • For anyone following this thread we've just released a really cool video to promote our event 

  • Are sure you'll get an entry David ???

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