Fun Run for a 5 yr old

My  daughter has seen the family running medals, t shirts etc and is desperate to take part in an event (i think with a medal or t shirt at the end so she can be like her brother)

Is there a fun run/walk (1 mile ish)that we could do together in the north of england /southern scotland?  Looked on events site but no luck!




  • Try typing fun run into the Event name / keyword box. If you filter by region there are 38 in the North and 5 in Scotland. Hopefully one of those will be suitable.

  • there is a few companies like "the big fun run" too that put events on all over the country, also, check inner city marathons/HM etc, quite a few of them have a fun run for kids or people not quite at the fitness or physical condition for the big one.

    my local city race has a "godiva mile" along side the main race, its quite common i think.

  • There's a 1 mile fun run for under 15s at the Bolton 10k in April, I'm sure there will be plenty of others too

  • They love running at that age. Did a mini santa dash at Christmas with the grandson who is 4 and he got a medal and a Tshirt. The only thing with a Tshirt is they may just do the one size for children and at 5 it could be way too big but medals fit all.

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