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For Christmas my GF bought me a pair of Gel Cumulus 14's. Previous to these I owned 13's, does anyone think that the soles are more firm on 14's compared to 13's or have I not broken mine in properly yet?

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  • i would imagine its just because they are new and on your old ones the eva or solyte foam has broken down a little and so feels softer. 

  • Thanks Marc. S

  • I have just bought a pair of 14s. I am a longtime wearer of the Gel Cumulus series and the 14s are way firmer than any of the previous versions. Quite uncomfortable to be honest!

    Paulfromwire - did you persevere with these and how have you got on with them?



  • Thanks for the info redorded & yes I fully agree with you. I have my old '13's for casual wear & in comparison feel far more comfortable than these '14's. I'm persevering for now but I'll be taking a wider view of the market once my 300 miles are up.

  • Thanks for the update! I just did my first run in the "14s" yesterday - 12.5 miles - and I think they are starting to break in OK now - either that or my feet are getting used to them. Still a bit too much on the firm side for me...


    I will probably look at other options next time. I see that there is a Gel Pulse trainer which is the next price level down from the Gel Cumulus in the Asics neutral series. Perhaps the Pulse may feel more the like the "old" cumulus...

  • I really disliked my new 14s at first after loving the 13s. I've run them in a bit now and they have improved but they still arn't as good a shoe as the 13s IMHO. They've been made lighter and some gel removed so maybe thats th reason why?

  • GazOC - you could be right... Asics have changed the shoe a bit too much!

    I think I will be OK in the 14s now but I had a lot of love for the 13s... I have even tried to track down a pair in my size online to no avail....

    It's a real shame because I have found the Cumulus range to be just right for me... until now!

  • I don't know about the Cumulus shoes, but I thought the new Nimbus 14s felt like clodhoppers in comparison to previous versions.

    Maybe it's a general trend across Asics trainers?

  • Could be - perhaps we should send a deputation to Asics to sort it out!!!

  • Definitely! XD

  • Keep the updates coming!


    I will report back after my first race in the 14s next week (Folkestone 10M).

  • I've tried both Cumulus (11s & 12s) and Nimbus (11, 12 & 14). I thought the Cumulus were a little too harsh on the forefoot for me so went back to Nimbus 12. Bought some Nimbus 14s for London Marathon this year and they are harsh on the forefoot, much like previous versions of the Cumulus. If anyone knows of a shoe similar to Nimbus 12s, I'd appreciate to be pointed in that direction! I might try the new Adidas Boost.

  • So glad to see this post - I've always worn and loved Asics cumulus. Bought a new pair last week and it felt like I was actually running on the road - really harsh. Will try and wear them in but think I'll have to stick with my old ones. Disappointed - but glad to hear its not just my training hypochondria!
  • Asics Gel Cumulus 14 Update! - I wore these in the Folkestone 10M today and smashed my PB by almost 2 minutes... I think they have broken in quite well now, but they are still very firm, nevertheless, my legs feel ok and my knees (my Achilles heel, if you will!), feel ok too.

    My overall conclusion is that Asics took a step too far with the different feel of the 14s when compared with the 13s. I am uncertain whether I will continue to buy this series but perhaps I may feel differently once I have put 300-400 miles on them - I have only done 81 miles in the 14s so far...

    Keep your thoughts rolling in!

  • Check you PM's guys.

  • Further update, a couple of bad runs in the 14s and they are teetering on the edge of retirement, only 99 miles in, despite the Folkestone 10M PB. The earliest I have considered retiring a pair of trainers...

  • After running injury free for nearly 4 years I believe the Gel Cumulus 14s are to blame for my Planter Fasciitis.

    I had no problems at all with the 12s and 13s but looking at the sole of the 14s a chunk has been taken out of heel to make them lighter.

    Has anyone else had the same problem?

  • blocky, yes I have been running in the Gel Cumulus 14s and I have PF issues as well (granted they were caused by a previous pair, however I'm not sure the 14s have helped any).


    Does anyone know if the GC 15's are any good? I have seen some good deals in my size.




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