Race Medals & Mementos

I realise that few of us are racing for 1st 2nd 3rd place but we are obviously proud to receive medals/mementos as recognition of our participation and achievement in finishing races regardless of time taken or position in the results column.

Boringly my medals are currently hanging on a hook in the kitchen and I was wondering what original/unusual ways you all have of displaying yours.

Do you have so many that they now end up discarded in a drawer ?

Are they hanging round the neck of your favourite cuddly toy ?

Do you fashion them into wind chimes to annoy the neighbours ?

I’d like to show my medals off somehow without being too showy. Any ideas ?


  • A very similar thread came up on the old old forum, way back in the days when, if more than 5 messages a day went on, it was busy. I revealed that occasionally, I put them all around my neck and stand in front of the mirror. I seem to remember that there were some rather humerous replies as to what other people do with theirs.
  • I have only ran 2 races. The first one I got a plastic pen, my 5 year old was very happy. Second race I got a bottle of shower gel, on display in the bathroom.
  • I have one second place running trophy & 2 London marathon medals that sit proudly on the mantle piece above the fire, surounded on both sides by shelves of countless cups & trophies that Mrs P has won at national Tae kwondo competitions ....... one day one day.

    I was once part of a team that won a cup the size of the FA cup & was allowed to keep the cup for 3 months. Just before I had to give it back I got all of medals from their shoebox & had my photo taken with the lot
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    My medals hang over the end of the bannister, so that anyone entering the house can see them as they come through the door.

    Always assuming there isn't a coat hanging over them (which is usually the case).

    I have 2 china coasters from the Nairn triathlon 2000 and 2001, which are proudly displayed in the kitchen.
  • Mine all hang off my wine rack. Whenever I reach for a bottle of Blue Nun, they serve as a poignant reminder of what can be achieved despite my enormous consumption of wine!

    My pride and joy though is my race numbers. I keep them all and when I have enough, put them all in huge clip frames to create a rather eye-catching montage which hangs above my stairs!
  • Major ones - PBs, FLMs etc are on display on a notice board - must get a display cabinet/clip frame. I tend to keep race numbers too.

    Others I'm not that fussed about - generally sit in a drawer.

  • Mine I'm afraid are in my knicker drawer .. with the numbers. So if there are any good ideas ??
  • Mine are hanging on a hook in one of the spare bedrooms (mine are not for any 1st/2nd/3rd placings though... they're ust for participation!!!).. Anyway, not touting for business here, but my hubby has his own picture framing business and regularly makes display type frames for medals - they're very attractive, in a box type frame, mounted on a velvety material...oh so how come he hasn't offered to frame mine then???!!!!
    Michelle x
  • I hang my medals on the kitchen notice board even the ones I got way back in 1984 (Before children). My race numbers I put the date and time ran on the back and file away in drawer, my favourite in from the Great Cumbrian Run (1983) which is made of grey slate.
  • I keep the ones from races of half marathon or longer hanging from coat hooks in the hallway. Plaques and statuette wotsits fill up spare space on book shelves.

    After 15 years' running and racing the medals from shorter races don't seem so important - altho' they did at the time - they're in a box somewhere I think. Or they may have been chucked out at divorce time (by me - not ex - got a bit deranged).

    Save numbers too but don't know why - just keep 'em in a file, with the pre-race instructions and results. Sounds a little sad doesn't it!

  • Mine are in a drawer in the desk in the spare room, which I think is a shame as I'm proud of them! I think my Windsor HM one from last Sunday will have to come out though as it was my very first HM and I was so pleased with my time - my husband's dislike of 'clutter' can be overruled on this occasion! I like the wine rack idea.....
  • What would Life Laundry make of this thread?

  • Hanging from a notice board in the kitchen next to the menus for the local chinese & indian, window cleaners bill and other vital info. Don't seem to get as many nowadays, mainly teeshirts. What d'you all do with them? also what other weird & wonderful momentos have others received? Key fob, clock, flask, towel and bugger all (from the east hull 20) are amongst my collection (or not!)
  • Mine are currently sat in a box along with relevant photo's, race certificates, numbers, etc. The plan is to get them framed for display somewhere discreet like the downstairs loo :)
  • Mine (and the missus' too) all hang over the central heating thermostat - however, I am a touch concerned that, having done quite a few events now, there's a risk that the thermostat may not have the strength to support them all soon!
  • I wear the t-shirts for training in

    And the wife puts other stuff, such as meddles engraved glassware etc on a dresser in the spare room
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Currently hanging over the corner of the bookcase in the study behind me. However they are becoming numerous........
    hang on I'll go and count them .....

    21 + 5 London and 1 NY medal in my 'junk' drawer. However as there are now too many I saved my last Asics shoebox and this will become my treasure chest.

    Never kept a running number , however Jane M I'm impressed your favourite is made of slate , didn't that make running hard ?
  • We have a weird but strangely useful place for all the medals we have acquired over the years, our bathroom door does not have a lock so all the medals are hung over the door knob and when the sound of a very loud wind chime is heard then we know that someone is in the bathroom.
    I really should fix that lock!
  • Darn, you beat me to it with the slate running number Dustin.
    Personally I find my numbers are too soggy and disgusting to hang onto.

    Both myself and my partner run and we hang them all on a row of pegs in the hallway. Annoyingly they rattle and chime whenever I brush past them.

    richk: Luckily I started running after my divorce so havn't lost any medals, but don't get me started on houses...
  • They were in my sock drawer but have recently appeared in my daughters dressing up box.

    Still have my 1984 Mars London Marathon framed picture/medal/ribbon/position plaque set, although it's stacked in the spare room rather than on living room display.

    When I complete the 2004 London Marathon in under 4:22 I shall have a similar set framed.
  • Good Thread.
    Mine are in a box. Execpt my 3 FLM which are in frames hanging on the wall.
  • Mine are all around my neck whilst I grind away in front of the mirror!
  • Of course when I complete my 3rd (and last) marathon in 2004 it would be nice to frame the 3 medals together (anyone got a spare 1984 MLM medal? :-) )
  • Of course my running number wasn't made of slate my medal was, pays you to read what you type a bit more closely. Still an interesting idea !!!!!!
  • I'm with Daisy Duke on this one, mine are also in the knicker drawer!! Most unusual medal of mine is a Horsebrass from an Elgin 10k! Don't know about wearing the race T shirts for training, they are always way too big so I have to wear them as nightshirts! Why do race organisers always opt for XL?
  • From the last 2 races I completed from the first I got two pairs of wolsey socks (grandad style) in a little bag with a cord to tighten it and from the second a lace panel (from the Notts half) - I prefer the socks at least I can use them as a Xmas pressie!
  • Bit of a tangent this - what about spot prizes? The most peculiar one I was ever "fortunate" enough to win was in the early years of the Grizzly - a packet of grass seed.

    Didn't know whether to grow it or smoke it ;-)

  • An American running frend of mine tells me that over there it's the in thing to get your running t-shirts made into a quilt!
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