Garmin, Android, Nexus 7....Aaaaaaaargh

I have a Garmin 405 and an 800. They are both great.

I have a new Nexus 7. It is great.

I like the Garmin Connect site. It does most things pretty well, and Garmin sneak new features on every so often. 

Garmin have just launched a new mobile app, which is pretty good. Very pretty displays and it will upload from...510 and 80. 

So lots of good stuff but why can't I join them together? I have tried lots of things but most of them end on a help page that says unable to mount drive, or 405 not supported or the Nexus 7 does support this.

Is it too much to ask for a way to use the Nexus 7 to upload runs and rides? 

Just a public rant...but if someone has a solution...



  • There is an android app called garmin uploader which works well with my phone and #110 and 410
  • Update on getting activities from my Garmin 800. 

    Hooray. The Nexus Media Importer can see the flash drive on the Garmin 800!. Using that I can download the .fit file to the downloads folder on the Nexus,. After some fiddling, not sure what I did that helped, I succeeded in uploading the file using Connect on the browser. So it is possible, just a lot more fiddly that it ought to be.

    Next step get the 405 upload to work.

  • And to tidy up completely. Having purchased a USB2 Garmin stick I have succeeded (with Sportablet) in loading my 405 traces cleanly into Garmin Connect

  • Encouraging stuff! Was that using the 'ANT USB Service' and 'ANT Radio Service' apps as described by the Sportablet / Garmin Uploader app guy here?

    I got my hopes up when I read through that, until I realised that my HTC Android phone does not support USB Host/OTG mode. And before that I got my hopes up about the Wahoo Fitness key + iPad combination until I read that they don't support the Garmin 405!

    So you've got FR 405 uploads working smoothly from a Nexus 7 using the Garmin USB2 ANT stick? Do you have to Root the Nexus 7 fiddle around with it to get it working, or does the USB Host support work on the Nexus 7 as standard?

  • Yep, I just did as I was told by the Sportablet man. No need to root the Nexus 7 or fiddle very much. I did to enable the "alternative protocol for 405" setting on Sportablet but otherwise all pretty smooth.


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