Enough training?

Sorry, another thread on whether this is enough training!!

I'm currently training for my first marathon. I've been a competitive swimmer for years, so still train a lot with swimming - but only doing 2-3 sessions a week of swimming so to focus on running. I'm ensuring i'm doing a minmum of three runs a week (one long endurance weekender, one short fast run and one mid distance fairly speedy run) but is this enough? I try to fit in more but finding the time is so tricky, especially with the swimming, and I'm also doing 2 or so strength workouts a week. I find in the past I've been fairly exercise prone, usually due to over training, so I'm cautious of doing too much, but feel I should be doing 4-5 runs instead of just 3, but then I won't have any rest days....

Sorry, bit complicated, just feel I should do more but nervous of getting injured!! 



  • It depends on what your goals are.  As a swimmer myself who has done a few marathons I can understand where you are coming from.

    If you are just aiming to get around the marathon you will be fine.  I did all my marathons on three runs a week, similar to how you describe yours.  My first one I completed in 5hr 25 seconds (damn those 25 seconds) without needing to walk at all and maintaining a consistent pace.  To me that was a success and I prefered to take a bit longer and do a steady run than to get a faster time.

    My fastest marathon was about 4 hr 37 min, done on the same training but a year later.

    For me, the biggest challenge was with the mental training - convincing myself that I was capable of doing it and pushing myself through the tough times.  You can train your brain during cross training sessions as well as during running.  Try doing some of your running and cross training sessions back to back while maintaining the effort and keeping a positive 'can do' attitude

  • Thanks for this! Hearing this makes me a lot happier!!

    I have a 53min 10k pb and although not done a 1/2 yet, would hope for around 1.55.  So I'm ideally looking for a sub 4.15 marathon, but just not sure if I could do it off only 3 runs!? I've done a few 10milers at race pace and it's felt good. Doing my first 15miler this weekend...and I've got 4 more months so time to do a few 15's, few 18's, then a few 20's. My training has mostly been ok, been getting some good pace runs in....its just I'm not sure if I should try and fit in another few sessions, and what should they be!?

    Although, this is my first marathon, so getting around would be good! Then I think I'll focus more on time for my 2nd one! 

  • I did do the occassional race to get a fourth run in.  All sorts of distances and generally with the view of using them as a training run rather than to get a good time.

    I'm a plodder and always will be due to my physique.  I'm naturally an endurance athlete - same for my swimming so I don't expect to ever get good times but I can swim and run forever when I'm fit.

    I would aim to just get around this first marathon and then concentrate on times next time.  There is so much to learn when you first start increasing the distance and I think that putting pressure on yourself to get a time is just adding another worry.  Use this marathon to learn what works for you regarding nutrition, chafing, shoes, recovery etc.

  • Thanks for this. It's tricky finding a balance as if I drop swimming off too much it takes far too long to get back into it! Same for me - always been an endurance athlete - used to be good at distance but reached a peak and not really able to get back there, so started runnign more and its nice to see improvment! Haven't had a pb with swimming for yearsss!

  • well if you cant run a marathon after all that training there is something wrong with you! lol

    remember every time you are swimming you are improving your aerobic base, which will only make you a fitter stronger person with higher levels of endurance.

    This fitness will transfer to your running- and you've got 3 nice varied runs in each week so yeah you should be fine. I would drop the strength sessions though if you're feeling tired.

  • I have run several marathons on between 2-3 runs a week. My first was London at 4.14. Haven't done one for a couple of years so at the age of 55 I am going for another Gloucester where I am aiming at sub 4hrs, training has gone well again with only 2-3 runs a week. My PB for 10k is 49min, and 1hr49 for a half, both recently run, so feel on target.. So good luck.
  • Thank you both, makes me feel much more confident about it! 

  • Also good luck Tricia! Ideally hoping for a sub 4.15, and then would like to go sub 4 one day (that's for next marathon!), as that seems achievable off my current times. But will use the first one as a trial one andsee how it goes, then really aim for a time on the next one!

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