Orthotics and new trainers

Hi all, Just before Christmas I received my orthotics, and I now need some new trainers, as I have been advised that I should now be using neutral trainers, as the orthotics do all the correction that is required. I've been shopping for new trainers today, and found that my heel seemed loose in most of the shoes I tried on, or caused my ankles to roll in, undoing the work the orthotics do. Does anyone else have this problem? Or are there any recommendations that anyone has? Preferably for a trail/off road type shoe, as I like the mud!


  • I have worn orthotics for 7 years and have had no problems of that kind. Are they full or half-length. If half-length ensure you take out the existing insole first and cut the toe half off and glue it back in so the orthotic overlaps the cutdown insole. Not easy to do in a shop of course so just take the insole out

  • The common consent is that if you are running off road you probably don't need your orthotics as your feet land differently all the time. I wear mine on my neutral road shoes but not with my off road Inov8 Roclites and have not had a problem.

    I went to a running shop and they had me run without orthotics to see what my action was like. I'm very flat footed and a pronator. Then we went through various shoes with the orthotics to get the right action and fit. It worked for me.

    Have you tried lace locking your shoes? this tightens them up around the ankle and stops your feet moving around. If you don't know how to do this there are plenty of videos on youtube.

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