Sports massage

My sports massage chap is very up-to-date with his research, and if I have niggle he is very thorough with poking and pulling my legs hither and thither and, well, working his magic.

On a routine visit (monthly) he does quads, hammies and calves ...

... but I'm swimming now as well. Should I have a legs visit one month and a neck and shoulders visit the next? Should I tell him what I want, or trust his judgement?

How do others get on with their therapist / wizard / torturer?


  • Tell him what you should always be in charge.

    .same as wioth pain.....everyone is different..he should be constantly checking that the pressure is ok and explaining what hes doing......

    You are paying and its your body...they can feel somethings but they are not mind readers or majiciansimage

  • What Seren said. How long are your sessions? The more you add the more likely you need an hour.
  • My smt asks me if I have any niggles and what I'd like her to work on and we take it from there. I have a bit of an ongoing issue with my QL on one side so if that's niggly it takes time away from my legs but mostly it's leg focused unless I ask her to do anything else.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • I tend to alternate between shoulders and legs although she always does some work on my back as that affects both areas.  Generally I tell her where I want her to work, but if I've no particular niggles that month then I will let her use her professional judgement.  Often she will use the time to follow up on previous problems or to work on an area that we have neglected for a while.  It's not a case of who is in charge, but of working together as a team to get the best result for you using their professional judgement and your feedback together

  • I'm actually very passive with my massage therapist. Unless I have a specific niggle, I just let him give me a quick going over to feel for himself what's going on, then let him decide what to work on. Often he finds tight spots I didn't even know I had...

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