Achilles tendon pain

my left achilles tendon is hurting from running fast about three weeks ago. i did 8 miles yesterday and towards the end it was hurting. i did 4 miles today and it hurt a lot. i'm supposed to do 16 miles tomorrow in training for a marathon on 17th march. what can i do? i'm feeling desperate as all of last year i was out with a virus then kidney stones and now this.


  • If its hurting, its trying to tell you something! Is there a physio locally you can get quick access to?  I had a knee injury a couple of months before my first marathon in October last year, and had a fab physio who gave me some rehab exercises to do, but also helped me put together a cross training plan that would help me continue to develop my fitness and train whilst I rested the joint.  And I still did better than I was expecting in the marathon.  Better to take time to fix it now. 

    In the meantime, might be worth not doing the long run tomorrow and give the tendon a rest.  Maybe cross train?


  • Thanks for your wise advice. I think i will try and find a physio pronto. I didn't run, it would have made it worse for sure as i feel it when i wake up.

  • Google "eccentric heel drops" or look on you tube. Iv always found a few days of those several times a day coupled with ibuprofen do the trick. (Unless its completely gone and you can't put weight on it)
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