Hi all,

Just wandering if anyone had any advice, I'm off to South America (Bolivia) in March and would reallyyy love to do some training out there. Has anyone had the experience of training in Bolivia/Peru atall? Do running clubs exist? And how feasable is it to actually run in places as high as La Paz due to the altitude? Is running safe? etc etc etc!

Any tips/info much appreciated! Would love to hear peoples stories of running aborad.



  • There appears to be a group of Hash House Harriers in La Paz.  They've  posted on Face Book.  You would have a ready made social/running group who could advise you.  Hope you can make contact.

  • Hi Zoe,

    I was lucky enough to spend a month in Bolivia some years ago. I remember arriving in La Paz going straight out for a walk around the city and being absolutely knackered after 15 minutes! However, most people get used to the altitude quite quickly but take it easy at first. Can't offer any practical running advice but it's a spectacular country and I hope you have a fantastic time there.
  • Thanks so much or the advice, are Hash House Harriers a regular running group? Yes I guessed as much that running that high would be absolutely knackering and speed work near impossible! Running is such a universal sport I'm hoping to be able to find some fellow runners out there, plus I have family there so I'm sure they can advise meimage


  • I guess it depends where you are going to be. Places like La Paz and Potosi are very high up so the adaptation will be longer. Sucre, on the other hand, is "only" 2000 metres or so above sea - level so shouldn't take too long to acclimatise. It's also a very pleasant place, or at least was 10 years ago! No altitude worries in Santa Cruz, but a humid, tropical climate.
  • The Hash House Harriers call themselves 's drinking club with a running problem'.  They organise regular runs with as much emphasis on the social side as the running.  If you can find them it would be a great introduction to the area to begin with, even if you decide they are not for you.  As to the altitude, it really does depend on the individual, some can acclimatise better than others and unfortunately it does not seem to be fitness dependent.  In Peru you can quite legally obtain coca leaves or coca tea which are a great help in adaptation.  There is some problem in Bolivia which is trying to outlaw them, but seems to have backed down, but whether this right is only for the local tribes people I do not know.

  • Hi Zoe,

    Why not try an altitude training system first to acclimatise before you go.  At Core Conditioning Ltd Manchester we have an altitude training system which adapts to your body in real time and can lower the oxygen levels to as low as 7%.  It has proven results and will ease the transition between running here and abroad at altitude.  Get in touch if you would like some more info.

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