Sunday 13 January


Morning all

What  something long
Lyrics heard it on Jack yesterday



  • what: 2hr33 long run. went well on the flat but strugged on the hills and got thoroughly, demoralisingly dropped by my training group.
    why: LSR day

    well done GGG on your course PB

    nice work getting out there early Dustin - and you have excellent taste in treadmill music...

    congrats to all XCers. tough conditions by the sounds of it.

    lyrics: Katy Perry, Last Friday Night.  In my defence we do have 13 and 8 year old girls.  To promptly ruin that defence OH and I went to see her in Wellington last year and didn't take them image

  • Morning.

    You've been putting a lot of miles in lately M - it's going to take a while to adapt after your break.

    Early start for you postie.

    Have woken to a (very) light covering of snow - which Grace is very excited about - so as I'm tapering anyway I think it will be a run en famille in superfurrywarm tights.

    What:               an hour easy
    Why:                taper
    Last hard:        last year
    Last rest:         7/1

    Lyrics - no.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • LMH - you are right.  I'm definitely feeling better for getting back into it - but it takes such a long time to get back to fitness. My training group are faster than me even when I'm fit so I got what I deserved/should have expected today!  Enjoy your family/tapering time.

  • Morning from a cold and icy north-west. Looks as if there will be winter sun soon.

    Lyrics: seem that's a no!

    What: watching xc league this pm

    Why: opportunity to run my longest so far and meet up with friends.

    Stretching now!
    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Morning All

    Lyrics - sound familiar but...

    What: supposed to be LSR today around 12 miles.  HOWEVER, woke up yesterday with bad chest and cough and spent most of yesterday in bed.  Will have to be the same again today.

    Bit worried about missing these LSR due to illness!

    Last run: Friday night 6 miles

    Hope everyone has a good day

  • What: XC (maybe) :-

    Why: wind howling again but feeling I ought to go. Legs ok after yesterday

    Last hard: yesterday

    Last rest: Friday

    Lyrics: no

    Hope you're better soon Davey_P

    AH Enjoy socialising and run. Don't stretch it too farimage

    Enjoy your snow LM.H and Grace - certainly better than our alternative of rain and wind.
  • DonaldoDonaldo ✭✭✭

    Lyrics:  Nope1 

    M- love the Katy Perry story - I used to be the same with Atomic Kitten - always blamed my girls for humming their tunes....and then went to their concert!  Ha!  Good long run this morning.

    Davey, hope you get better soon.  I had a day in bed last Friday and it did the trick (3 days off running). 


    10 miles in the snow for me today.  Some parts of my course were beautiful, picture postcard trees with snow laden on to every branch.  Lower down it was just lying on the grass.  79:47 today, negative split, pleased with that. image

  • No wind, light dusting of snow, bright sun, husband, dog and no pressure as it's a taper run - definitely one of those 'this is why I run' days. Would have been perfect for a LSR just hope the weather and body both hold up after Brass and I can get back to putting the miles in.

    Davey - nothing you can do about it if you're ill other than rest, get better and get back to it when you can. Frustrating though I know.

    Enjoy your respective x-country experiences OH and Alehouse.

    Sounds as though you enjoyed your run as much as I did Donaldo.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    What:rest and some stretching
    Why: it's in the plan and you lot told me to stretch!

    Snowing all day so far here, not very heavily though.

    Davy you'll be back on your feet quicker if you take the time to rest now
    LMH sounds like the perfect run
    Ale don't overdo it.

    Have a good one all.

  • V quick visit...loks like all deserving pats in the back for respective efforts being done all round.
    Lyrics: Nope
    What: 5k fartlek dreadmill sesh
    Why: Still recovering from Thursday and nothing back in the legs.
    Last Hard: Thursday
    Last rest: Yesterday
    Training should step back up this week but can't push too hard as have Llanswirry 8 next week.

  • It was an hour lie in LMH!

    What 21.5 in approx 2:30
    Why LSR

    Averaged just over 7m/m which from memory were pretty even though my garmin is now flat so haven't had a chance to look up the splits yet. Boding quite well but expecting fatigue to set in mid February.

    What are you currently training for Davey_P ? On several campaigns I have taken a week or to off training without significant effect.

    Chin up M you've got miles in the legs regardless.

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Good morning

    Lyrics: kicking myself now having googled them! My first attempt on google with these produced the Runners World Daily Thread for 13th January - whatever that is!

    M. It's good for you that your getting back to completing LSRs again. I wouldn't worry too much about a few lonely miles - I had lots of those when I started running long with the club, but eventually they become less and less frequent.

    Alehouse: You seem to be making progress. Has anybody suggested the importance of stretching to you yet?

    LMH: glad you enjoyed your "why I run day".

    My injury problems are still with me. I can manage a couple of miles before the calf gets too uncomfortable, but then it takes two days until the soreness subsides. Also my hamstring is also still problematic, though I takes more than two miles of running to really set it off. I'm convinced from previous experience that the two issues (a soft tissue issue...bless you!) are connected and stem from misalligned pelvis, but current (well, current no more) physio doesn't agree - unfortunately my purse isn't robust enough to finance his, to date, fruitless investigations into what may be the cause. I've got an appointment with Mark Buckingham, whom I believe Alehouse knows of, and who has fixed me in the past. Unfortunately its a five week wait. In the meantime I'll go and get some massage to the calf as I'm sure there's some scar tissue lurking there, which if dealt with may enable me to a little bit of running on it.

    In the meantime I've dug a bike out of the shed - a Dawes hybrid, nice and robust but not exactly built for speed. That's not necessarily a bad thing as my bike skills aren't particularly good. I'm riding it at about 15mph keeping the cadence around 90 rpm and trying not to put too much stress on my legs, so not pushing the gears. I'm getting out every day on it for about the same time as I would spend running and am covering about twice the distance (two bike miles equals one running mile?). I wore the HRM this morning and was recording a rate of 128-132bpm. To put this into some context my max HR (measured nine years ago at age 55) was 160, its likely to be a bit lower and also I believe that MHR achievable on the bike is about 10bpm lower than for running. This suggests that I'm operating at about 81-83% of running MHR at a cadence consistant with hopefully I can maintain my CV levels.

    Anyway its better than sulkingimage
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Glad you are taking the positives Tom

    Postie, good LSR

    12.56m for me this morning in 105 mins as planned

    The 2 nice holes in my leg are now bruising.....

    Take care

  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    Sorry for jinxing it RFJ! Hope you heal soon.

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    afternoon all, 
    Tom - glad to see you doing something to keep the momentum going, I hope I am as strong willed as you should I get any injury recurrence. I agree with you on the cost of physio, unless you get a swift diagnosis the cost can soon rattle up.
    Brilliant mileage & training from lots of people on here today, M, postie, RFJ, LmH, Donaldo...
    Davey - if you're ill, you're ill...
    OH did you XC?
    what - 6.5miles offroad this morning with a couple of friends
    why - our kids were doing an hour's hills, why not get bogged down in the fields?
    last rest - 4 weeks
    last hard - yesterday
    Managed to take a tumble this morning 200m into the run. straight into the woods, and you see that thick 5 inch tree stump covered by leaf fall? no, me neither.
    Splat on rightside..big scrape down my arm, but nothing sinister. Even my mates didn't laugh: "we thought you landed on your face"...Pride hurt more than anything...the rest of the run passed less spectacularly!!

    Enjoy whats left of the weekend!


  • XC D&D

    brought up rear guard for vets in low turnout (4th MV)

    Glad I went - not much of a day for anything else. Home alone this weekend - Elspeth in Edinburgh visiting the kids.
  • Glad you're ok Dustin.

    Tom - from my experience riding in that HR zone will maintain your aerobic fitness and it will just be a case of getting some impact miles back in the legs once you resume running - a 15mph average on your Dawes is pretty good riding! Do you have a leg length discrepancy? Since mine has been corrected with orthotics the misalignment I used to experience in my pelvis has become a lot less frequent and severe.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Evening all,

    Still very busy, but managed to run 5 days this week, highlights were being moved to the fastest group at club night for speed sessions and keeping up, long (for me) run of 9.4 miles yesterday and cross country today, finishing 38th and helping the club win the league with a race to go image

  • Evening!

    Good to hear that you are able to do something, Tom, and good that you have the appointment with Buckingham, who I know by reputation from several sources. Hope that you have asked them to phone you if there is a sudden cancellation! The bike will help, as will stretching and strengthening work! Unfortunately I was banned from using the exercise bike: not because I was cycling dangerously...cycling is not advised for people with prostate issues, apparently.

    Longest "run" today: 900, then 600...shins were sore so some flexibility work and walking on mud (one day it will be grass again!) then 900, 700, 500, making a total metreage of 3600, during 8k of walking at a very muddy XC league. Most of my running and walking, though, was up and down the same path. Legs feel much better on the softer stuff, but due to the extra push needed I felt that that might be a step too far.

    Snowing now, although as yet melting as it hits the ground: that is likely to change as temperatures drop overnight.

    Hope that the fallers make quick recoveries!

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    LMH - yes i do have a significant length discrepancy, legacy of a motor bike accident back in 1968, leading to broken femur. Its about 10-12mm as measured about 10years ago when I first got orthotics which i still wear. My club mates are always pulling my leg (ouch - bad pun) about it.

    I do have a much lighter road bike - a Specialised Allez, which is worth about 3mph for the same effort, but as I said my bike skills aren't to good and I've come off it a few times more than I should. When I get my confidence back I'll probably take it out then. In the meantime controlled effort is more important than speed.
  • Tom, I've got a Specialized Allez too, it's a lot more harsh a ride than the old touring bike, but that translates into a faster ride. There's also the numb bum that they don't tell you about.

    For me, I managed a gentle 5.5 miler at lunchtime, then we ate out at Frankie & Benny’s, after which I managed to make it to the planned hour swim coaching session (over-fuelled, and barely an hour after finishing the meal). I didn't die, or whatever the warning is.

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