exercise induced arrthimia

After my longest run ever on Sunday (2 and 1/2 hrs) I noticed my heartbeat had become irreguar. I had it checked out at the hospital and was told it was caused by the large amount of adrenalin in my system, and to take it easy and the symptoms should disapper - I had some tests to make sure it wasn't life threatening. I am supposed to be doing the Great North Run on Sunday - and am not sure whether to go for it or not!! Any advise welcome!!!


  • Emma
    The sensation of palpitations or an irregular heartbeat is pretty common and for most people nothing serious. You mention some tests, presumably you had an ecg - was it normal? Did they capture any of the irregularities on the tracing?

    If your exam and ecg were normal, and you now feel fine, and you have run without problems since Sunday then you should be ok for the GNR. But if you are feeling unwell, or still having palpitations or any cold or fever symptoms then don't run. If you feel unwell during the race then pull out and get help.

    If you get further episodes of irregular beats then see your GP to discuss some more tests such as thyroid function and a 24 hour ecg monitor.
    Good luck
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