Abingdon Marathon 2013

Just spotted that entries open on 1st February - it sold out pretty quickly last year.



  • I'll be logging in and doing online this year, I sent off by post last year but didn't realise it sold out as quickly as it does.
  • And they've even opened it early image

  • Just note the 5 hour limit will be more strictly enforced this year

  • Nice one. I'm in.

  • Race registration for the 2013 Abingdon Marathon is now open! The downloadable entry form and online entry access are available here: http://bit.ly/y97vU8 .

  • Not that I am suggesting that would be a problem for anyone!!!

  • I'm in, was the link off the man site working? I went in directly through runbritain. Small matter of London to get through first and I'm nursing a dodgy calf at the moment but abo is definitely my A race this year.

    Pmo must be number 1 getting in at 6:20image
  • Details via this link:


    please ignore the "venue" on the RunBritain site.  This will be corrected shortly

  • Sadly Martin, I reckon it'll go alphabetically image

  • Ha ha I've been number 1 before (by chance) and believe me it's not worth the pressure image
  • My favourite was 666 image

  • I was a 666 in a previous race as well!  Went well with the club vest and gave the annoucer at the track a good giggle.

    I signed up for Chester yesterday.  Abingdon was great last year but I'm not sure I can do both.  Might have to leave it for the time being and hope for a transfer closer to the time, depending on how I feel and availability.  I think there were a few transfers going on in September... 

  • I'm in. I entered via run Britain yesterday afternoon! Looking at the web site I'm not sure it should of been open yesterday.

    Who has raced Abingdon before? Is it a very flat course? I need a new PB image
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I'm in. Maybe I get the number 259. It will give me a target to aim for.
  • Gazelle it's as flat as a pancake definite pb course. There is a slight rise that you go up twice but there's no way you could call it a hill!!
  • Martin, I'll hold you to that!

    Millay-259 looks a nice number, I hope I get 314;-)
  • I'd like 3:29.59 or belowimage

  • 3rd time lucky for me, I have entered before but not actually made  to the start for various reasons..

  • LS21LS21 ✭✭✭

    I think the biggest 'hill' is that first bit of road as soon as you come out of the stadium. Course is flat and fast - Abingdon is a great race. I'm in again!! image

  • What training plan are all of you going to follow? Or should I chill out and decide closer to the time? I think I might go down the P&D route.
  • GIW I shall follow P&D , which I just happen to be following at the moment in prep for VLM

  • I followed a p&d last time for abo and it got me an 8 minute pb, but training went perfectly not even a niggle of note. I'm currently nursing a sore calf which is not far off healing but I have invested in an online coach. A bit more variation in the runs, a drop in mileage but more quality so it'll be interesting to see if it pays dividends
  • Really excited about running Abingdon marathon this year. Currently pregnant with first baby due end of April but still knocking out 50 miles a week! looking forward to training hard again and aiming for a 3.15 marathon time.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    I'm in.  No cc charge which was good news.


    My 5th Abingdon and my brother's 18th!!  The location for both our PBs - his 3:35:15 (2003), mine 3:35:02 image (2008).  Another duel this year likely.

  • I'll be there, hoping that the extra pressure will at last bring me below 5 hours! Someone suggested that carrying less weight might help - I'm not convinced but I may give it go!

  • I'm considering making Abingdon my first marathon, and with its flat course, hopefully a decent and respectable time! Must regsiter soon though if it sells out as quick as everyone says it does! Good luck everyone!!

  • Three weeks last year apparently, you could always get rid if you decided nearer the time you didn't fancy it
  • Told there are nearly 700 online entries already

  • Wow, and the limit is only 1100 I think. Better get my entry in then! Thanks for the heads up MarkEMark!!

  • Online entries have stopped does this mean its full already!!!
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