Abingdon Marathon 2013



  • 8 miles at 8m/m this morning and the hamstring Is feeling pretty good.

    I can see an inverse taper coming on.
  • Keir - sounds a good w/u plan. Abo is the day before my sons birthday so I'm hoping to be OK for an early start on the Monday!

    That's good news Millsy.

    Leebe - you are allowed to have a 22M not feel as easy as you liked!

    Similar for me this morning, but  I started at 9.30 so had rain for the first 90 mins! Route enede up slightly longer than planned at 23M. Quite pleased as it came out just under target pace in 7:28, which is OK given the 1300ft of hills involved too. 

    Felt reasonably strong (despite a wee bit of hamstring pain) as well up to about the 18M point, where I hit a 1.5M long hill, which took the wind out of my sails a bit and added 8secs per mile to the overall pace! Longest run since VLM 2011. Oh, and I managed to eat properly afterwards unlike last weeks overly hot evening 20 miler!

  • Wow, that's a long hill Bus, not surprised it took toll toll on your pace!

    Looks like you made a good decision Leebe in getting up early to beat the rain!

    I was hoping to get my 20M in this morning in some dry weather, but that didn't happen at all! Rained on and off the whole way and I was soaked through when I got back home. Autumn is definitely on its way image

    Target pace for today's run was 7:33, but I struggle to run that kind of pace and it ended up with an average pace of 7:09, so I did take everyone's advice and not run another 6:39 pace 20M! The last couple of miles were becoming a bit uncomfortable with a bit of hip pain, but it feels ok now. 

  • That's a bit more like it Jamie image . Still a cracking pace, and impressive if you were holding it back as well.

    I had all sorts of weird pains from about ten miles on, but that's partly a factor of age image

  • Bus, sounds like you had a good run especially with the rain, the hamstring niggle, and the 1.5m hill!

    Jamie, I know what you mean, it's hard to keep to a pace that just doesn't feel right. It must give you a lot of confidence though knowing the sort of pace you are capable of based on your last 20miler.

    Millsy, Glad to hear the hamstring's feeling good.

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Not sure how fast you think I run Blisters but no way I could cover 22m in 2 hours!


  • In that case, you'll be later home.

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭


  • Some great long runsimage ... and good views on warm ups.image


    Lake Vyrnwy HM went okay ... first 5M at 7:03/m, 2nd 5M at 7:03/m, final 5K at 7:09/m. Final time was 1:32:35ish (unofficial), some way off PB territory but it puts me in the right zone for my Abingdon target. I got very very wet though!image

  • morning.I'm with Blisters....just started my run training with a 3 mile run this morning.......but i intend to have a 2 or 3 week taper and have my first cross country for this year the day before abingdon......

    I'm sure my legs should be able to run/walk a marathon on their own without me

     hubby is going fora afster run so he had better have the car keys as he can shower and eat and have a sleep before I will finishimage

  • I have a place for Abingdon I can no longer use, if anyone is interested please contact me.

  • Well done at Vyrnwy yesterday Dan. Some pretty atrocious running conditions even on such a scenic course!

  • Ah, but Seren is proper hard.

    Anyway, I wore a new pair of trainers today. I just seemed to get lighter and faster as I progressed. It was one of the most enjoyable runs I'd done for years. I got home with a real buzz, and that feeling that BLISTERS IS BACK.

  • New shoes always make you feel good image

  • True, very true. I haven't had these shoes for a while: Asics DS Trainers. They felt good fairly quickly. I've had some shoes that need weeks on a cycle of rotational use before my feet are happy, but these felt familiar within a mile.

  • With a name like Blisters, your feet are rarely happy.image

  • 3 mile run yesterday and a 5 mile run today.......I feel that I'm starting to turn into a runnerimage

  • Inevitably, immediately after sending a message to the list I picked up an injury and was out for a couple of weeks, moping in silence.  I'm back training again now (although for safety I'm going to drop the speedwork and just concentrate on a couple more twenty milers and a couple of weeks of decent volume rather than get back to the proper plan). Fingers crossed that I'm not jinxing my recovery by posting here again.

    Did my local 10k at the weekend and managed sub 40 after a five mile warmup on a route that's less than flat. I think that probably indicates that I'm not going to hit my 3h05m target, but I'm committed to trying.  I'm not going to get any fitter in the next month, so my focus is on the mental side - getting used to pushing even when I'm tiring and committing myself wholeheartedly to the goal.  I think that means upping the pace at the end of the long runs, and maybe aiming for some hills at the end of normal runs.

    Anyone on the list who's aiming to just scrape under the 3h05m London qualification target? I'd love to have some others on the start line who I know are aiming for something similar so that we can form a pack.  I can't be alone in not quite being good enough for sub 3, but having a chance at qualifying.

    Starting to get nervous now...

  • My forum name comes from the second pair of trainers I ever bought. Adidas. The only pair I've ever had, and I'm not likely to go there again. They shredded my feet on every single run, and I binned them once I'd got 300 banked. I daren't change to a comedy or temporary seasonal name, because someone will steal it!

    Tonight's run was even quicker than yesterday. It felt good. The only downer I see is that I've got to do that pace for 4 times the distance to get a 3:15.


  • Penultimate long run done this morning. Got a bit lost on the way  back so it ended up being a 40km run... Oops. On the plus side, I'm pretty confident I can finish the distance now! 


  • Impressive Z, you'll be doing over-distance next.

  • image

    My legs seem to be holding up, so hopefully no damage done by the extra five k.  I really should learn to add some slack into my long runs.  I rarely reach home short, but often a k or two over.  

  • Lots of activity since I've been away and some decent training going on (even an ironman image) well done all. 

    My plans went out of the window on holiday, it was way too hot to hit anywhere near targets and was all a bit disheartening so I bit the bullet and didn't run for ten days. Came home and did a couple of six milers which where a bit of a struggle image  

    Had a long run planned for the day I got back but I postponed it till yesterday as there was absolutely no chance of doing it. Managed a pretty decent run considering. 21 @ MP + 38 secs in windy conditions on an undulating course so in the grand scheme of things iI'll take that. Easy double today and a long interval planned for tomorrow before rest Saturday. 

    Hopefully I can get my fitness back pretty quick, the same thing happened last year and it came back pretty quickly so fingers crossed because time is running out!

    what are everyone's longest runs? I have a 24 planned for Monday (still playing catch up). 

  • Don't be too hard on yourself Martin, you'll have a decent base fitness and the rest and relaxtion would have probably done you some good. There's still 4 weeks to go! Though saying all this, I'm off on holiday for a week on Saturday and hoping to get a few runs in whilst I'm away, but I'm planning on swimming everyday to maintain some fitness and to burn off some of the all inclusive food and drink!

    I done a 10 mile run this evening with a fast last 2 miles. Meant to do 15 on Saturday but as that's when I go away that won't happen, then the last long run the following weekend of 20 miles.

  • Not sure if this is the right place to post but I have an abingdon place going spare due to injury if anyone is looking for a place please PM me. All the very best to those of you who are running - the hard work is nearly done!

  • The hard work may be nearly done for some of you, but I've only just started.

    MG, Whatever the preparation, a 21 miler at MP+38s is a good outing. There may be a difference between doing it on a heavy training week and doing it after a 3 week taper.
    Yes I definitely need a 21 in the bag this weekend.

  • 21 @mp+38 secs seems very solid.

    I'll try and get 23 in on Sunday but prob at 8 min miles. It will be my last long run as I'm off on holiday for 9 days at the end of next week.

    This will prob be my most unstructured marathon plan ever. Just hoping consistent 50 mile weeks from Jan to August will pull me through.
  • Keith- as the website says, the transfer window has closed to allow the race packs to be prepared

  • I remember a similar thing happening last year but it all came good so four and a half weeks (eek) of work a nice taper and carb loading should do the trick. 

    Holidays are a bind where races occur, I was full of good intentions flying out but soon gave up hope. Jamie and Millsy I hope you have better discipline than me lol. 

    Millsy 50 miles week for that length of time you'll be fine, you must have a very good base fitness  plenty of MP miles between now and the big day you'll be laughing!

  • Cheers Martin, I think similar to yourself it's all a bit of a confidence thing from now to the race and it generally all comes good in the end.

    I had one of my breakthrough performances 2 weeks after a similar holiday in 2011. I think as long as you do the required work in the build up one week shouldn't make too much of a difference.
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