Abingdon Marathon 2013



  • Following on from various reports from you chaps I decided to dig out the trainers and pop in a 6.5 miler (the usual rat run) but at target marathon pace.

    Actually I was ahead of the clock (not you, TT) when the inevitable occurred. This time only 68 seconds for a dump (including hygiene requirements), and finished my run in an average of 7:21m/m. That would have been 10s/ mile faster without the scenery stop.

    The guts have not been in good shape all week. I think I picked up a small bug, but it appears that I'm OK now. I may not get another run done, although 5 miles on Friday could just help keep the weight down.

    Food wise, I'm not doing anything special. I did go for carb deplete/carb load when targeting peak performance, but I usually go for carb overload every day.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Nice Blisters, nice! Blimey T-rex - needs must for Snowdon, but rather you than me at this stage!

    I was on a training course today - spent most of the time trying to avoid those with the lergy and exercising a bit of will-power not to stuff myself with biscuits! Not so good on the lunch - had far too much of that!  Only 4 miles running so far this week, as planned, but a bit more on the bike than I would have liked (as it's my main form of transport). Taper is really kicking in though today - a strange combination of feeling slightly irritable, but also full of energy and generally buzzing!! The hamstring is now in dull ache mode - which is progress. 3 very easy miles tomorrow, then 2 on Saturday, with a few strides. Weird doing these low numbers!

    What time are poeple planning to get there on Sunday?

  • 6 steady for me today. It was supposed to be at MP but cows, traffic and a head torch malfunction put an end to that.

    It's a strange feeling knowing there's nothing more you can do now.

    I've been cutting conversations short with anyone who shows even a hint of illness. Must look quite rude.

    I'm hoping to get to Abingdon between 7:30-08:00 but I don't doubt my nerves will find me there at about 07:00.

  • Good to hear the hamstring is feeling better Bus. 

    Im planning on getting there around 8am on Sunday. Want to give myself enough time to get parked, to the start, toilet stop(s) and warmed up. Hate rushing around and getting stressed,

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    I'm in the hands of someone else driving me, who is aiming to get there for 8, whihc would be fine if it all goes smoothly but seems to be allowing no contingency for traffic or parking problems etc. Personally, I would hate to think of all that training going to waste just for the sake of leaving the house 15 mins earlier!

    Mud footpath TT? What's that all about? Don't go telling Po10 or they'll have it down as a 26.2MT and our PB's won't count image


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    7 very easy miles today. Will have a day off tomorrow and then probably easy 3 milers on Fri and Sat.

    Just sorting out logistics for Sunday morning now.
  • Bus- its not a muddy path but is compacted gravel and is along the course of the disused railway -judging by the forecast, there will be puddles on it.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Oh no, I'll get my shiny new racers dirty image

    Forecast is looking ok(ish!) at the moment. I wouldn't want to be out much after 1 though if the BCC is accurateimage


  • still not sure if i am coming to this..............hubby went down with manflu on the weekend,...........he seems to be getting over it.......

    but if if he isn't 100% by saturday afternoon then i don't think its worth the long drive across for  the race.....I was only doing it as I have supported there a few times and i didn't fancy supporting again.......

    so unless he is able to race it .its not worth the petrol for some t shirts and a long slow run

  • Yes Old Shadowfax is right it is a compacted path but I expect there will be few puddles. Also on the loop at mile 13 and 22 there is a 500m bit along a path which could be a little muddy.

    Mmh weather could be wet and windy image


  • Let the carb load commence. I managed to shift 5 1/2 lbs this past week which is a bit of a relief as no doubt that will go back on during carb load. And even with the loss I'm 6 lbs heavier than my last marathon, although I feel a lot fitter and my endurance has to be better after doing every long run. Nice easy four for me yesterday, today (my final run) is 1 mile easy, 2 miles steady 10 minutes @ MP. We're staying over just down the road so I'll a to get there by eight, like others say toilet stop(s) get dressed no stress etc. it is rather weird knowing there's nothing else we can do apart from trust the training and have that self belief. Feeling very nervous all the same!!
  • I had a nightmare last night - not figuratively but the actual 'bad dream' kind! image

    In the dream I was supposed to be running Abingdon, I got a few miles into a third lap of the loop before realising that I'd gone the wrong way at the end of the second lap. I had ruined everything and I was furious with myself! image

    Funny how I can do 20 or so races a year relatively calm - but call one of them a marathon and the brain goes into overdrive!

  • Seren come lass if it swings it sarah is baking muffin's. image

  • Just popped into say good luck everyone, I transfered my place to my son, due to injury.

    I know he is lurking and you are all making him very nervous with all the miles some of you have run this week, he hasnt run since last Friday, will someone please tell him it wont make any difference.

    I am coming to support so see you there.

  • Won't be following you in the race then Ballesteros after that premonition image

  • Me neither Zirion!!

    Did someone say muffins?!

    Last run for me tonight. 10mins easy, 3 miles @ MP, 10mins easy. Re: weather - I don't mind a bit of rain, just as long as it's not blowing a gale. If it is, you can guarantee it'll be a headwind for the entire race!!

    3 days to go!!

  • As TickTock says, there will be puddles.  I cycled part of the course yesterday (til my pedal fell off) and there were some very wet bits but they do dry out quickly.  Just depends what its like on Sunday morning...

    Don't forget to wave at the turkeys and geese on the left at 1.5miles.  They'll be cheering you on in what will be their first (and last- but they don't know that) marathon image.

  • I'm with you Jamie - rain's fine, wind is bad.  I'd prefer if there weren't puddles, but it's not a big issue as long as they're not seriously deep.  Wet trainers are fine, waterlogged not so much.  If you guys up the front could splash through the puddles as much as possible then hopefully they'll all be gone by the time I get through.

    Shadowfax: For a moment I was wondering why a farm had just opened up next to the route and then was about to close down.... I blame the carb loading: it's making me slow. Possibly also the trip to the pub after a PTA meeting last night, which might have been a much shorter trip had it not turned out that half the group were reasonably serious runners...

    Night Nurse (and Night's Nurse's sun).  Running this week is absolutely essential for me, but only because otherwise I'd explode with nervous energy.  If you can get through a week without running then all power to you! It's certainly not going to make much difference to your time (at least not in a bad way - if you avoid picking up an injury then it might make a significant positive difference!).

    2 days 18 hours 19 minutes...


  • Zirion ,personally, yes I would run during the week leading up to a marathon for exactly the same reasons as you, but trying to convince a first timer that less is more at this stage is like banging my head against a brick wall..it took lots of nagging from me to stop him doing a 22 a few days ago !

    Getting excited and nervous at just the thought of supporting now,

  • I am thinking of doing a few miles night just because it appears to not be raining!  I don't mind rain, but have never run for 26 miles in rain so not sure what to wear...as my rain jacket isn't very waterproof!!  

  • AT even a waterproof jacket wont keep you very dry if its raining for 26.2 miles image..rather than than sun anyday

  • Night Nurse I agree. 26.2 miles in the rain wearing a waterproof isn't going to keep you 100% dry. Even during a 20 miler in drizzle and wearing a waterproof, my shirt was damp underneath! But as you say, I'd prefer damp conditions rather than hot sun anyday!

    It's funny how having put in 16 weeks of decent training you think and convince yourself that it's all going to go to pot and you'll lose all fitness in the final week of your taper.

  • Jamie: It's not the loss of fitness that I worry about.  It's all the little niggles I start to feel.  I'm sitting here thinking my knee feels really quite sore, and on the short runs just about every joint, ligament and tendon from my waist down was shooting phantom pains to my brain. Every tiny pain sets my alarm bells ringing.

    Personally, nothing short of torrential rain from the start is going to change my clothes. I'll be wearing the club vest, and working on the principle that I'll be running fast enough to stay warm.  If it all goes badly towards the end then I may be in a bit of trouble, but I figure I should be close enough to the end that it won't be too bad.  Plus there are showers at the end.  Luxury! Especially for my chauffeur image

    I ran one of my 24 milers in a rain jacket, but that was because it was so damned cold at 4am. of course, by the time I finished, the inside was wet enough that it might as well have been raining.  You can't win.

  • Any jacket that is waterproof enough to keep you dry for 26.2 miles of rain would almost certainly have you overheating inside that jacket far sooner!

    Zirion - if the premonition comes true then I should still be good for at least 23 miles before I need somebody else to navigate image

    Jamie Farmer - with your ability, if you're seen following me at any point beyond the first mile then you need a kick up the arse!

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Ditto re the vest - just a smear of vaseline to keep the rain off sensitive areas image

    Forecast is pretty horrible for Abingdon now: 15mph winds, heavy rain and a chance of being struck by lightning if your not back by 12 - that'll encourage all those aiming for a sub 3!!

    Still, that's on the BBC website, so no doubt it'll be fine on the day image


  • Metcheck's now saying very heavy rain for 6-9am... but only heavy for 9-12. Yay!

    This page is more interesting - they actually give you a feel for how confident they are in their predictions:


    75% chance there will be no rain during the race, but a 5% chance of a centimetre...

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    No lightning though!

  • imageimage "Thunderbolt and lightning - very very frightening me
    Gallileo, Gallileo,
    Gallileo, Gallileo,
    Gallileo Figaro - magnifico!"

    image Sorry just making sure it rains.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Anyway the wind blows, it doesn't really matter to me, to me...

  • Strange dreams

    To carb deplete or not ?

    what to wear image


    Have I done enough 20 milers ?image

    Checking the weather forecast every 2 hours even though we know that they always get it wrong image


    All this taper madness is keeping me entertained, glad I popped back inimage

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