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    I've been having a lite lucozade for the first few miles of longer runs, then a 'full-fat' one after about 10 miles. I am a heavy sweater (yes, eww, I know) so need something to avoid electrolyte problems (which I've had in the past).
    I work better with gels but haven't had a chance to nip up to the running shop yet to stock up.

    On the course, there's usually lucozade at about mile 14 and 22. Water every 3-4 miles and jelly babies and squash at some of the later stations.
    Spectators can get to all parts of the course to hand over fuel too.

  • With the recent hot weather I've been getting back home with a lot more noticeable salty sweat marks, so I should probably opt for an electrolyte drink instead of water as well.

    Gels have been working well for me so far. Are gels not given out on race day then?

    Thanks for the info about spectators giving out fuel, that's good to know. I'll have to check the route nearer the time to sort out someone to be somewhere with some fuel!

    WW did you run Abingdon last year then?

  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭

    Hi folks, decided I will race this rather than using it as a long run before Snowdon the following week. Be interested to see what I can do on a flat road, see how much time I still need to find for a GFA!

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • Wonder Woman I get my gels by the box from wiggle. I think it's about £17 for 20, in fact last time I got buy one get one free. It's free delivery too and normally the next day. 

    i just stick to water and gels on my long runs but wouldn't bother with anything under 14. 

    Plenty of time to up the long runs. I just want to get slightly ahead of schedule due to my holiday as there's little chance of getting a long one in there. 

  • Hi folks,

    Sorry for just dropping in uninvited (and not sure if there is a separate thread) but I'm looking for a number (or two) for Abingdon!!

    If you here anything pls email me.

    Thanks and good luck with your training, never done Abingdon before but heard good things about it ????


  • Rununman there is a reserve list on the abo site, also people drop in here from time to time dropping out so its always worth keeping an eye out. 

  • Jamie- Lucozade is provided in race top bottles at miles 13 and 22 which is the same place on the looped route. 

  • Martin,

    Thanks, I'm already on the reserve list - just exploring more options ????

  • Thanks OS, good to know. I'm guessing they will be the original variety and not the Lite?

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    That's good news regarding the lucozade.

    Just need to get the Salisbury 50k out the way on 11th August and then get on the Abingdon specific training.
  • I did boot fitness last night. Outdoor circuits bascially. Then took my running group for a 5k this morning. Feeling the good kind of achey today - I've worked and a bit sore, but not limited or in pain. Like the goldilocks of that post-exercise feeling!

    JamieF: I live in Abingdon, the back garden of my old house used to be on the route. I'm also a member of the club that organises it. I've also volunteered a couple of times. Quite proud actually to have Abbers as my home race.

    MartinG15: Thanks for the wiggle heads-up. Might just do that. I was thinking of experimenting with some other gels as I've always been an SIS gal and wondered if there was something 'better' (?!) might be missing out on. What do you use?

  • Wonder woman

    I use high 5 they are quite viscous and easily taken without water. I used to use lucozade which are really thick so these have been a breath of fresh air. I never feel the need to take any sports drinks with them either so that takes out the gamble of missing the drinks station which is easily done. 

    I have family who live in Abingdon too which is why I ran last year, it was such a successful weekend it could well quite become a tradition. Impeccable organisation, fantastic course and great support throughout. What's not to like??

  • MG15 glad to hear that Abingdon is a good event, looks like I picked a good one for my first marathon!

  • Jamie- I'm sure the lucozade will be the "proper" stuff.

    Martin- have you tried the new Lucozade gels?  The old orange ones seem to have been discontinued.  The new ones (Sport Elite) are in black wrappers and are much runnier than the old ones but have virtually as much energy in them.  Not sure how they've done that as usually the runnier gels have less energy in.

  • Old Shadowfox

    no not tried the new ones, I'm pretty settled on my high 5 now. I think I may have had one the latter stages at London but I was sort of on another planet at he time image

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    I remember the packaging of the gels looked good, but as I was with MG15 on another planet, I can't recall the taste of them. They certainly didn't stop me walking though! 

    As I recall from my 2 Abingdons there is a family with plates of jelly babies just after you turn left to run along the top of the 2nd loop, around mile 15. Not easy to grab on the go though. Also the Fetch station at miles 20ish had a choice of flavoured drinks - no idea whether they were energy drinks or just squash. There are also sponges at a few aid stations, but now shower gel image

    I did a 5k in 18.15 tonight. 4th place overall to finish off my biggest ever month: 320 miles. 

  • Well thats the first 20 miler done and dusted, a bit slow but getting there.

    I bought a box of IsoGels from a website for something daft like £12, theres hundreds in there. Tried them this morning, loved them as they are runny too, those thick ones make me gag.

    Great mileage Keir

  • Great work with the 5k Keir, awesome result.

    RR - Well done on the 20 miler, I done my first one last weekend. Felt good to get it done and know you can do it. Where did you get your gels from and what brand are they?

  • I subscribe to a discount sports gear site called sportpursuit - just log in with an email address, its free. They have some good deals on all sorts of sporting stuff. I bought some great sunglasses, wraparounds that dont move when you run for under £20 once.

    The gels are called High5 Isogels. They are citrus flavour and contain caffeine I'm well chuffed with them, I got enough to see me through to a Spring marathon.

    That first 20 miler is like a millstone round your neck, so glad its gone and in under 3hrs too so I'm pretty content tonight, nothing like a 5am start on your day off - not, but it does make you feel virtuous.


  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Agree re the first 20 miler rosie. Unfortunately for me, I tried my second this week, ten days after the Wycombe Half and for the first time ever had to abandon after 6.5M and phone the Mrs to be picked up! My legs were just having none of it. I've been suffering with piriformis syndrome and sore hamstrings for quite a while now and I think its just come to a head after Wycombe and I need a break - trouble is, now is just the wrong time for Abo to be taking too much time out image

  • I think you will still be OK as long as you take that break now, it may do you a lot more good than you think.

    Do you do the old tennis ball thing for your piriformis, makes you look a bit of a deviant but it does help? Rolling your buttocks around on a small ball should not be done in the company of people you dont know very well!

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Presumably you can't be talked into posting a video showing the tennis ball technique RRimage

  • Awesome mileage that Keir. I had quite high mileage this time last year but never consistently ran 80 mile weeks. Sure helped me, fingers crossed it does the same for you. Training is going well this end just quietly ticking off sessions without thinking Parboil the end game too much. I have an 18 mile progression tomorrow which I'll do before work in Chester. It's a lot flatter than home so hopefully I should be able to hit the splits. I have a 10k racon two weeks Sunday so that should be a good indicator my speed sessions are indicating a decent time so hopefully I can go better than last year. 

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Cheers Rosie - my physio told me about that one too. I've tried it, but unsuccessfully! I'm seeing the physio again tomorrow, so will ask for some further instructions! 

    Might actually look more suspect in front of people you DO know image


  • Argh!

    I did an obstacle course thing at the weekend (the muddy, military style type) and have either bruised my lower ribs or ruptured the cartilage while clambering over a 8ft wall.

    Painkillers are helping but may have a big decision to make if I can't get back running in the next week or two!


  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭

    WW image ... however, don't despair just yet since often once the inflammation/pain stage of "non-running injuries" dies down, they don't interfere with running. It's the ones caused by running that tend to persist.

    Back from a week's camping in N Wales with the family... managed a 3 hour run/walk over a couple of 500m hills and also two slow/hilly 13.8M road runs. Today I did 11.3M with 10M at sub-LT based on 82% maxHR, which came out at 7:35/m ... tough session despite being a good 20-25s per mile slower than similar ones last year. There's still time though.

  • Dan, I'm a bit concerned about my long run pace too compared to other build ups I've done, I'm maybe 30-40 secs slower. I did think I should try to slow them a bit but now I have, they are not inspiring me with confidence.

    I have a half marathon next weekend so hoping to use that as a base time and then panic or not depending on how I do.

    Wonder woman, you might be surprised at how quickly you feel ok again esp as Dan says they are not specifically running injuries.


    I've done a lot of walking today and it is a bit uncomfortable but I can breathe ok. 

    I'm going to try a short and gentle jog today or tomorrow to see what it feels like. Hospital lady seemed to think I can't make it worse by running so is happy for me to jog through it. 

    Pretty sure it is just a bit of bruising and it is on the very last rib(s) so not as restricting as it could have been. Think I am just panicking over it as am just getting in to my plan. 

    Moral of the story: no more obstacle races before Abbers!


  • RR, I feel the same about my long runs too. I've had a lot of time off with injury this year and have been really worried about getting my speed back, so I've been running them a lot harder than I know I should. I have been progressing, but I'm not where I'd like to be, and now I've slowed them down, I'm having a panic that I still not strong enough to hold a reasonable pace on race day.

    Really hope the half restores your confidence, I'm sure it will!

    And Wonder woman and The Bus, hope you both feel better soon x


  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Thanks Hissy fit. 

    Ouch WW! Fingers crossed it's one of those injuries that fades quickly and isn't made worse by running on it. I managed a couple of short, easy runs over the weekend, but the legs still felt really heavy. Got the physio to show me how to do the piriformis tennis ball self-massage today, so lets see what that can do....

    Dr D - always easier to build speed back up off a good endurance base than the other way round so you should have time.

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