Madrid marathon

Has anyone done the Madrid marathon? I've just entered and will be my 1st marathon? Pros & cons would be appreciated people?


  • Done the 10k on the same day. Starts and finishes same place. Live here so know the route. First 5k gradual incline, getting steeper all the way. The slightly downhill or flat to just before halfway where the a reasonable climb. A bit later the race goes into Casa de Campo, a huge park. The last 10k or so will be quite hilly and the penultimate km is quite a steep climb.

    Public support quite good. Sparse in some areas, Casa de Campo for example, but generally good especially the latter stages where spectators were really encouraging last year. Also live bands on the route to generate atmosphere i suppose. Finishes in Retiro park, very central and very nice.

    Weather could be anything late April from cold and / or wet to quite warm. Highly unpredictable.

    It's a nice city with a friendly atmosphere. Very good public transport. Excellent food. Hope all this helps.

  • Sorry for the typos. Hope the above makes sense.
  • Great Neil. Thanks!
  • I'm doing it, first marathon too image

    Can see the weather being a problem, it could quite easily be a hot day at that time of year (cold is highly unlikely to be an issue in April!)


  • Yeah Jim that and the fact that there is an incline at start and finish. I guess a good schedule leading up to it will pay off on race day! Looking forward to it!
  • Hey hoggy and jim,

    I did this last year and really enjoyed it. Fantastic atmosphere, great course, great music around the course, would have gone back this year as deffo fave marathon I have done..just doesn't fit with my training this year.

    Also had lots of great info from mr Neil jones 26 (hope you well Neil, thanks again for last years low down).

    If you search 'Madrid marathon 2012' in the forum search bar there is some info on there.

    I would say, go pasta party it's great, watch out for where 10 k splits off from marathon, weather was ok so try not to worry too much ......and try not to use too much energy bopping to the bands as you go past!

    Yes there is an incline at the end and it is a proper grit teeth and go for it finish, but again a brilliant atmosphere!

    Just think of the nice cold San Miguel at the end! Have fun!
  • San Miguel??? This is Madrid, Mahou is what you should be drinking!

    And not worried about the 10K split thing, my company's HQ is near there and I know the area well image


  • Thanks Tyler...good advice and really looking forward to it! I'll drink any beer at the finish!! image


  • I think it's a really top top race, have a great run Hoggy, all the best..TT
  • Hi Hoggy

    Amen to all the above - it is a nice course, 2nd half nicer than the first in my view.. I did it last year and weather was lovely, mid 60sF or thereabouts. The incline at the end lasts about 4 miles - nicely done course planners! One tip - it was clearly stated in the instructions, but I somehow didn't realise that the bag drop is in Retiro (the park where the finish is), which is a good mile or more from the start.. so give yourself plenty of time to drop your bag off. Made for a good warmup for me, running from the start to bag drop and back again...

    Good luck!



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