Wary of Overdoing It

My plan is to run every other day (I'm a complete beginner btw, on week 2 of an easy C25K), but I missed yesterday as I wasn't feeling well, so ran today. I'm not worried about having had two rest days, but I would rather run on Monday and Wednesday than run on Tuesday. I feel completely fine after today's run and see no reason why I wouldn't be up to it tomorrow. Would I be putting myself at risk of injury if I ran tomorrow? I'm not about to start training every day, but Tuesday is less convenient than Monday iyswim.


  • I think you'll be fine to run tomorrow, but see how you go during the session. Slow it down a bit if you have any pains - but that goes for any run really... I think a one off consecutive days run is fine.
  • Though quick question: if you are running every other day won't you have to alternate days doing Mon/Wed/Fri/Sun then Tue/Thu/Sat...?
  • I will have to, yes. But I'll cross the Tuesday bridge next week if I have to! It's simply that I don't work on Tuesdays, so have the chance of a tiny lie in (7ish instead of 6ish) but if I run in the morning I will have to be up at 6ish. Evenings aren't easy as my DH doesn't finish work until 6pm and then it's a rush of dinner, putting the LO to bed and so on. I might feel more favourably towards evenings (and early starts) once it's lighter.

  • I went out this morning. It was very dark at 6.10am and there were patches of slushy snow. If I'm honest, I was a bit nervous both of the dark and of falling over, but otherwise it was fine. I also think I would have done better had I had a rest day. BUT I went out, and I completed my session and set myself up for the day. I daresay I will grow in confidence about the dark and hopefully the snow won't be a regular feature.

  • Katy

    run when ever u feel u want to,- or every other day - nice easy short runs, then add a nice longer run when u can - keep it fun and enjoyable

    but, keep the prepertion correct as well

    correct footwear, eat, drink, sleep well - antichaffer if u need it


  • Well done on going. If you can do dark dingy snowy mornings, you'll be well prepared when spring comes, and you'll be able to make the most of it. I can't wait for spring!!
  • Roll on daylight and a hint of warmth!!

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